Each year, the name researcher Knud Bielefeld evaluates approximately 200,000 names, the parents gave in Germany to their children during the past 12 months. Those hoping for big Surprises, at least disappointed in the Top Ten, however. Name trends are changing only very slowly, and the most popular names of 2018 are hardly different from those in 2008.

The most popular girl names: Emma (2014 and 2017), Mia, Hanna, and Hannah, Emilia, Sophia and Sofia. The most popular boy names: Ben (as in the last eight years), Paul, Leon, Finn and Fynn Elias.

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Over the years, has discovered the name of researchers, however, a few interesting Trends: popular names spread mostly from North to South: Finn or Fiete, for example, came from Schleswig-Holstein and are now popular throughout the German-speaking countries. Conversely, names that are about typical of Switzerland – Urs or Beat to be found in the North of Germany only rarely.

names wide from North to South

in addition, the names of politicians are only very rarely a source of Inspiration for parents. This is not about how popular or unpopular they are – but rather the fact that the typical politician-Generation does not bear exactly the names that are currently popular. Thomas, Frank, Gerd, Angela or Julia – it’s not appealing to the current generation of parents. In ten years this could be different again, because many names to celebrate at some point, a Revival. About Emma or Frederick, for example, people would have 1998 still laughed out loud. Maybe even Kevin, who is currently ranked 294 in the popularity list is at some point Yes, again rehabilitated. Name researcher Knud Bielefeld praises about the Juso-Chairman Kevin Kühnert, “because he is a successful Kevin, Kevin, has brought about something.”

also Interesting is the steepest climbers in addition to the “eternal classics”, by the way. Most of the places in the Ranking, Ella, Matilda, Frieda, Lia, and Juna, as well as Matteo, Theo, Fiete, Henry and Levi have done. From these names you will hear in the coming years.

girl names with E, boy name with L

name of researcher Bielefeld stumbled but also about interesting rare names who have made it only on the rear seats of his list, but he will remain in the memory. Tulip, for example, as a girls name in English for Tulip. Bellatrix, Smaranda and Fiorela. Or in the case of the boy Bryson, Donaldo or Bobi. And also a surprising phenomenon: Popular girl names beginning currently, very often with an E, boy names with an ‘l’. The longest surname, which was awarded in Germany, by the way Esenosarumensemwonken, a girl’s name from Nigeria. He means: The appeal to God has been fulfilled.

sources: dpa / Süddeutsche Zeitung



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