Recently posted, I have a column about the new Single-Moms – under the line “Baby? Yes. Father? Nope, thank you.” It went to a friend of mine, bought for 8000 Euro in Denmark, sperm donation, because she wanted a long time to a child, but had no desire to involve a (any) man in the education questions. A relationship would just make everything more complicated. The successful career woman wanted to pull all of this alone. So, as she was used to. “Male influence” promised to you by your gay roommate who had encouraged always in their bold projects, and allegedly totally on a WG Baby was happy.

So she was looking for in an Online data band in Denmark a donor. The went quickly and easily. There are tens of clinics that specialize in. It is now nine months. Her Baby came to the world – and now everything is completely different than you had planned.

roommate as a choice-dad

just before the birth of your adorable son, your roommate called me, who is also a friend of mine. In his voice, a hint of panic.

“you lost it, Henriette! Everything about the Baby. First of all, I have accompanied you to your appointments with your gynaecologist or went shopping with her for baby clothes. But in the meantime, it takes up all my time – I’m here to play substitute dad. She send me to constantly buy diapers, I have to deal with administrative tasks for you and, more recently, you also asked for me to call you in Public “treasure”! This is getting really too far.”

children desire and Tequila

in fact, the two times were quite loose on the subject of “Co-Parenting” talk, but with plenty of Tequila downed. At the time, my gay friend thought the idea was terrific. Co-Parenting refers to, according to Wikipedia, “a post-modern Form of family formation, when a woman and a man unite to witness to (mostly without Sex) a child and then working in close coordination piece to raise, the parents usually live in separate households. The idea is to enable such people to have a biologically child of their own and raise the living with the other parent permanently by mutual agreement, but not in a partnership want to live”.

My two friends are, objectively, perfect for a model. Both are single, in her early 30’s, with the desire to have children. As a roommate you know since years, in and out, trust each other. Their life together – without child – worked great the first time. Also, you share the same values and ideas about raising children.

Daddy reluctance

Nevertheless, my girlfriend has pulled the whole thing over first. So as it is their nature. In retrospect, she falls in love but apparently more and more into the idea of your esteemed roommate as a Daddy. “The other day you called even a WG meeting, in which they claimed that from now on, all of the costs for diapers, porridge, and co. participate – after all, we would benefit all of the positive Vibes of the child. Totally gaga!” My buddy now wants to move out of the loved one as quickly as possible from the Baby-WG–”, and my old life!”

the question of how he can teach his roommate, the gentle turns only. After all, it seems to have help is urgently needed …

I suggested to my buddy to stand as godfather. And to hope that our friend in love again soon – in a man who would willingly and gladly take the “free” role of father for her sweet little son.

to be continued …


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