Munich – SUV drivers have it easy. Just in Munich. Too loud, too dirty, too pretentious for a lot of all-terrain limousines are synonymous with reckless consumption. A corresponding note has received a SUV driver from Schwabing.

One Morning, he found not far from the Nordbads a Sticker on his car, the message is more than clear: “Your car to many of the raw materials consumed! Help us to combat climate change and thinking, please. Your SUV is neither cool nor sexy! Who wants to be the cliché of its former self?“

SUV-driver in Munich for climate protection …”

Some people have removed the Sticker probably rigorously – not the Schwabinger. With two magnets he has fixed a short time later, a hand written response to his SUV. Local resident Giorgia R* has recorded the exchange of words and our editorial staff to leave.

“Dear climate activists, thank you for the note”, the SUV driver, and then with some questions of his critics. Whether referred to as green electricity and its waste be separated, would like to know the schwabinger. “You drink like a Coffee to go? You support a club that’s doing for the environment? Write me your phone number. I would be very happy, me with you on this subject to share“, is read on the Answer sheet.

+ Clear announcement on the car in Munich: “Your SUV is fknMünchen neither cool nor sexy”© – SUV-driver counters critics: “Dear climate activist …”

The complete counter in the wording: “Dear climate activists, thank you for the note. I would talk to you, and very happy times with you, for example: Driving you car? You flew in the last time in the holiday? Are you referring to green electricity? You can separate all the garbage? You buy more new clothes? Where do you get your food? You like to drink a Coffee-to-go? You support a club that’s doing for the environment? You plant on your balcony flowers … Write me your phone number. I would be happy with you about this subject.“

Whether it be Against themselves, probably with the same standards of measures, such as a SUV driver? The Schwabinger raises in his Letter, important questions. Giorgia R not able to say whether the Duo recently at an Eco-summit at the Nordbad has to be replaced. But, the Sticker-activist has not hit for the first Time.

Also has already been a “victim”. “As I have in the evening, parked on a lowered kerb, I had the next Morning a Sticker on my car,” she says with a grin. The unknown activist seems to have in his wanderings through Schwabing, only moral laws in the views.


From a very different motive has flooded a man in the Munich district of Obergiesing with slips of paper. He has fallen in love with the tram and searches prayed to his, as** reported.

*Name changed by the editors.

** is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


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