the ground is Clear, at the pool alone,’s not, but also. As Germany was in the 2014 football champion of the world, since languages had suddenly introduced to all the Core Training, the fitness coach Mark few years Verstegen previously on the national team. Because it seemed to actually bring something. The Name derives from the English “core”, “core”. It comes to the Training of the body, so the shoulder – back and abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor that supports the abdomen from below. The Core Training strengthens and harmonises muscle groups through the entire body, this allows athletes to move more efficiently and powerfully. Women with pelvic floor training is often familiar, be it Yoga, Pilates or postnatal exercises after pregnancy. Since the arrival of the Core training in football, a lot of men ask, how you from Training in this Region can benefit.

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The designation as a “floor” sounds quite static, in reality, the pelvic floor is a powerful, dynamic mesh of muscle sheets, which is attached around the pelvis. There it carries the weight of the organs of the abdominal cavity and supports the closure of the bladder and Anus. Gert Naumann is chief physician of the gynaecology and obstetrics at the Helios Klinikum in Erfurt, and when he speaks of the female pelvic floor, then it is to be noted the professional Wonder. “Our pelvic floor comes from a time when our ancestors on all fours went, and a tail with the grip and balance were balance,” he says. “For the upright gait, he was not created at all, and not to give birth to certainly, 4000 gram baby.”

But the pelvic floor has adapted well: He has developed the strength to hold the weight of the abdominal contents, and also after a pregnancy, he quickly becomes stable again. “Some of the muscles in the pelvic floor to stretch during childbirth to two and a half times their original size,” says Naumann. “A lot of it back, but in old age it can lead to complaints.” The uterus is attached by ligaments of connective tissue in the abdominal area, they can be damaged in the case of a pregnancy, so the uterus is lowered. “In surgery, we lift them with straps made of plastic or the body’s own connective tissue,” says Naumann. “A strong pelvic floor can help stabilize the uterus in addition.” With age, the sphincter gets tired sometimes under the bladder, then a strong muscles from the environment helps to close the bladder and keep the urine.

pelvic floor muscle training is only something for women in the second half of life?

In any case, Naumann: “In Scandinavia, girls learn in school, what is a pelvic floor. If a woman is trained from early on to the pelvic floor, falls back into shape after pregnancy so much easier. It also contributes to the pleasure of Sex, at any age, because the muscles of your environment, the sheath may enclose the Penis harder. During orgasm this muscle plates moving in together, that’s why an orgasm feels with a trained pelvic floor is often more intense and more beautiful.”

The joy of Sex is the Training of the pelvic floor for men interesting. Also, your pelvic floor tightens when you orgasm, and you feel him stronger when he trained, and well supplied with blood. Men have two muscles that are responsible for sexual function is particularly important, the Musculus ischiocavernosus, and Musculus bulbospongiosus – they contribute much to the strength of an erection. “About a third of the Penis is within the body, so that he is stable,” says Frank Sommer, he is a urologist and Professor of men’s health at the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf in Hamburg, Germany. “The two muscles that surround the rear end of the Penis, and to press him at the time of erection, so the blood collects in the Penis and it becomes harder.”

pelvic floor muscle training for beginners

1. To get started,

you’re going to stretch gently the pelvic floor by pulling the navel, the Anus and vagina or Penis inside. Breathe relaxed. Start with one repetition and increase slowly. Also in between – for example, in the supermarket in the Checkout line.

2. And feel

apart Stand upright with feet approximately shoulder-width and place your hands on the buttocks. Do not breathe loose and tighten on the Exhale the pelvic floor – but the buttocks. You will feel in the hands, if your buttocks remain relaxed.

3. Towel rolls

roll up a towel tightly and place it lengthwise on a chair with a fixed seat. Sit on the towel, place the palms of your hands relaxed on the thighs and imagine that the dam raise: you now feel by the contact with the towel, such as your muscles tensing.

4. Walk to the Po

On the back, arms next to the body. Pull the left heel slowly across the floor to the buttocks and breathe. You stretch when you Exhale the leg and pull with the Inhalation of the other heel to the Po. They can practice, to move and hold at the same time the tension in the pelvic floor.

5. Shoulders upright

they Lay in the prone position with the hands palms of the hands to the buttocks. Inhale, head and shoulders on the Exhale, lift it slowly, breathing in again lower. Encourages and strengthens the muscles along the spine.

For many men with increasing age the erection. You could win a pelvic floor workout, you back? “Erectile dysfunction depends on the condition of muscle cells, nerves and blood vessels in the Penis,” says summer. “If you are okay or to be treated, brings back a pelvic floor training in many men the stiffness.” Men can generally hold their urine well, because the prostate is located as an additional barrier below the bladder. Sometimes the prostate needs to be removed because of a tumor, or they will be eroded because of a magnification, then it can cause damage to the bladder sphincter. In both cases, it is difficult to control the urine – then a strong muscles in the pelvis can help to keep the urine. But it is also a healthy bladder is benefiting from Training of the pelvic floor. “You learn not only the pelvic floor to tighten up, but to relax him,” says summer. “You pee more.”

What happens during a pelvic floor muscle training?

At the beginning, simple Exercises are often the tension of the muscles, and later you will be connected with movements of the whole body, which act by pressure or by train from different directions to the pelvis. Many look familiar, because they resemble the bridge of the Yoga, the Sit-ups from the fitness training or stretching exercises from the Stretching.

But where is the pelvic floor exactly? Of course, at the bottom of the pool, where else. But how do you tighten it? Pragmatic yoga teachers say in their classes like: “just Makes all the holes”, that works, too, but particularly accurate this information is. “This is a good start, then you know where the pelvic floor is,” says Christiane Rothe, consultant for gynaecology, urology and proctology the German Association for physiotherapy. She has worked for twenty years exclusively with pelvic floor patients. “Then it is a matter of individual areas to address: A man exerts to pull the penis to the top, a woman lifts the vagina or pulls you a little tighter.” It often helps to press it with two fingers gently on the perineum, you can feel quite clearly how the muscles move. What is holding round tools in the vagina are held in place by the pelvic floor muscles? “The are rather unfavorable, because they are often too smooth,” says Rothe. “As a result, they give the vagina a little haptic information you need in order to feel the resistance and hold. They are also sometimes too heavy, as a result, the pelvic floor needs to work suddenly, which can overstretch the muscles.”

anyone Who wants to learn the pelvic floor training with the System, many of the community colleges for suitable courses. The Core Training is for athletes useful? “Yes, because the muscles of the pelvic floor, abdomen and back for the statics is of great importance,” says Rothe. “If the back resulting in pain from an unstable spine, then it can help to strengthen these muscle groups. The pelvic floor muscles seems to work on reflex nerves at the back, on the other hand, it stabilizes the sacroiliac joint between the iliac crest and spine. If this joint is in a favorable Position, then the relieves the back.”

Even if you have no time or desire to workout, something for the pelvic floor do: You can be nice to him. Straining during defecation puts a strain on him, just like hold your breath when lifting at the gym or clearing out of the cellar heavy Weights. Overweight in the abdominal cavity, he has to bear at every step neatly, and sometimes he also makes the point that if something is on the soul. “The Psyche plays for the relationship with the pelvic floor a large role,” says Rothe. “Complaints of the Anus, bladder, and reproductive organs can also be psychosomatic. When we are faced with the issues of Sex and excretions, without coercion or Fear, then the good conditions to develop for our pelvic floor is a healthy consciousness.” He has earned but, after all, he supports us each and every day.


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