The start of the year 2019, has made the Reserve of FC Bayern Munich is already promising: The first two test matches of the leaders of the regional League was able to win with two clear Victories and without conceding a goal. On a 3:0 win against VfR Garching in a 6:0 Triumph followed over the League rivals Wacker Burghausen.

During the Wins seems to make the people of Munich not to bother, did in the winter break, a completely different Problem in the team: player-losses.

last summer, the club had already Adrian Fine on loan at SSV Jahn Regensburg. In the winter break, the next Super-Talent of a new challenge. Franck Evina follows the call of his mentor to Holstein Kiel. Evinas one of tiger’s sponsors, Tim Walter lured the left-to the Baltic sea to Kiel.

Now the next gem appears in front of the Jump: The kicker reported that Meritan Shabani will be fiercely courted by Ajax Amsterdam. The 19-Year-old midfielder is regarded in Bavaria as a promising Talent, was allowed to enter in the current season, his professional debut in the first team.

in A further departure from the team would prepare a Coach Seitz is certainly a bit of a belly pain, although he commented on the possible departure in the spirit of the Association: “This is a great recognition of our work, when such clubs are interested in our players”.

the club at risk the goal of “promotion to the 3. League“?

the Reserve of The champion is aiming for this season, the rise in the 3. League of`. This is according to NLZ-head sour but not a panacea: “I do not believe, however, that the membership of our U23 to 3. League, in each case, sufficient to again more players for our own professionals to train.“ to promote

the development of the young footballer, see Sauer, the principle of the loan to other clubs as a promising strategy: have a master Fine, when Jahn Regensburg space land, and would now have to go every weekend to his ability, to defend this. “As a result, he will continue to develop steadily. I think we should think more in this direction. Individual support is more important than the table stand to a young team. We need to promote the talents as early as possible and also let you change the age level skip if you have the level to do so; to continue to develop, better results and a good table space are then the logical consequence,“ explains Campus Director, in an Interview on

the Give a talented home-grown employees to other clubs on the rise-dream is conducive to, may be doubted. Shabanis should leave the club, it would be the third tribe player Holger Seitz in the current season would have to replace. Fine grabbed after six games his suitcase (Seitz: “a Fine would have helped us for sure”), Evina, it moved in early January in the North of Germany. With Shabani would leave after Evina another important offensive player to the Reserve.

Tobi Schweinsteiger Ex-club

Also, the former Co-Trainer of the U17 team, Tobias Schweinsteiger looks to be the work of young people in the Association is critical and would like the FCB would work more with young, regional players and manage to integrate them into the first team. criticized

The preparation of the Munich continues already on Saturday in England. After the victory in the first group game against Everton, the FCB II in the framework of the “Premier League International Cup” against the reserve teams of Benfica Lisbon and Brighton&Hove Albion. In connection, it then goes directly to a training camp in Dallas.


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