What is missing is his confession.

Nearly seven months after the arrest of the long-term camper, Andreas V. the town of Lügde this Thursday starts in front of the regional court in Detmold, in the process, and you can guess how it ends. Dozens of witness statements, as well as hundreds of Film – and photo shooting, the V. made in part together with an accomplice, evidence of the investigation, according to the year-long martyrdom of the victims. Hardly anyone doubts that the 56-year-old defendant and the alleged main perpetrator must for a long time behind bars. But will he confess?

Who meet in these days with the lawyers of the victims, can understand why she tortures this question so much. Because of the Testimony of the accused depends on whether the part of even today, a minor witness, again, a disturbing interrogation to ask. V. silent to the accusations – what is right – but the court is unlikely to let the victims in the process, once again, describe what you have described, according to the investigation file already to the police, for instance, your “Mumu” licked, as they should his “Ding-a-Ling” to kiss, as he passed on to them. She could scream, only not so loud, he said to a then-nine-year-old, as he took it in his Mazda.


A child car lies under the rubble in front of the already demolished parcel of the alleged offender at the campsite Eichwald in the District of Elbrinxens at the campsite Eichwald in the village of Elbrinxen

©Guido Kirchner DPA municipality of Lügde-Elbrinxen

Anke Blume has represented as a lawyer is already a lot of victims in criminal proceedings. In this process, the lawyer of Hamelin, in the case of two young women, to be used as children of V. miss. You know: “such A procedure, in the presence of many adults, and in the face of the perpetrator triggers shame and fear.” The hearing could have the case of minors Victims of a Retraumatisation result.

child abuse on the camping weggeguckt for Years, as the authorities in the abuse scandal of Lügde have failed

Andreas V. to be accused in the 64-page indictment of 298 cases of sexual and serious sexual abuse of Minors. Since 1998, he is said to have passed in at least 23 girls, ages four to 13 years – mostly on the camping site “oak forest” on the outskirts of the municipality of Lügde-Elbrinxen, where he in one washed-up camping, and a shack, lived. In fact, the number of victims could be much higher, the public Prosecutor’s office focuses mainly on younger and clear cases. Probably, because further evidence would not increase the expected sentence.

in addition, two accomplices in Detmold stand up in court. Heiko V., a former chef from the lower Saxony small town of Stade: The 49-Year-old admits, supposedly, four times via Video-to be available in the live chat in the case of Abuses committed by Andreas V. switched and got to this partially animated.

And Mario S., a 34-year-old worker who lived with his parents in stone home in the Kreis of Höxter, and was on the camping site “oak forest,” also a run-down Dwelling auxiliary. Mario S. was arrested a few weeks after Andreas V.. At first, it looked as if he was more of a follower as the main culprit. The indictment draws a different picture: Then, p is said to have 17 children abused, among them also young. The first committed acts of p. possibly even as an adolescent. He is not a criminal record. But as the investigation file shows, was identified, the office of the public Prosecutor of Paderborn, Germany in 2004 and 2013 because of the suspicion of sexual abuse against S.. Both times were set in the process.

“nightmare from the Eichwald”

the background of The setting should now also deal with the court in Detmold. Because references to paedophile inclinations, and Assault, the main accused, there was sufficient, even in the case of Andreas V. beat, the youth welfare offices and police repeated warnings to the Wind and let the investigations get bogged down. Worse still, Although a caring father, an employee of the Children’s protection League, and, finally, a job centre employee had brought the authorities of suspicious behavior of V. to display, got the stand-Alone, lived for 20 years on his Camping plot of Hartz IV in January 2017, a foster daughter awarded. Between may 2016 and December 2018 V. should have passed then 132 Times in the now eight-year-old girl, according to the indictment. Against a number of officials and employees of youth welfare offices is now being investigated for a criminal to thwart in the office as well as breach of the duty of care.

misuse on campsite number of victims of child abuse in Lügde on 29 AFP

increased when the “nightmare from the oak forest” had its beginning, will perhaps never be cleared up. Well, that itself is not revealed until today, all the victims, their parents or the police. When the Horror finally found the end,, however, can be traced.

It was the 2. August 2018, as Mara* your girlfriend, Lea* visited, the foster daughter of Andreas V. When she was back home, the child burst into tears: The man had “hurt”. Mara’s mother called V. the children just named “Addi”, and introduced him to the speech. After a brief Hesitation, so she reported it to the WDR-TV, he admitted to the abuse. “You wanted this,” he said. Why, after all, eleven weeks passed, until the woman took courage, and display filed, explained her lawyer, Roman von Alvensleben with anxiety: V. have you threatened.


threatened On 28. November – again more than a month had passed – there came, finally, to the hearing of the Lea. In the investigation file that a note exists. After that, the girl reacted at his first statement, apparently coyly to the questions of the officials. Only once, she said, have you kissed the Penis of “Addi”.

Only in a later interrogation she stated that V. had threatened, the spirits would come and pick you up, it should count for something around. She was glad, the girl said that “Addi” could now grab any more children.

*name changed by the editors


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