traffic jams on the motorways of the mountains many dangers. The Overlooked a traffic jam, in the end, for example, often leads to serious accidents, often with fatal outcome. Regular breaks increase attention, and reduce the risk of an accident. However, a series of access roads to service stations, Truck and Car waiting also to long queues, mostly to the delay strip. Simple tips to facilitate both the traffic Jam on the highway as well as the Start-up of overcrowded rest areas.

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During the holiday season and in daily commuting Stop and Go “”just for the ride along busy routes announced. But mishaps, accidents, and construction sites often make the mile-long traffic jams. The easiest way is, therefore, appropriate sections, and to avoid the main traffic times. As this is the reality, unfortunately, is hardly feasible, one should always be careful, if traffic signs such as construction signs indicate a risk of Congestion. Increased attention is also asked in front of curves and hills, there is a traffic jam at the end of late visible. Similarly, regular Information about the traffic reduces the risk of a rear-end collision.

hazards in the main season.

caution is always appropriate, but in the “Hochsaion” you have to be even more attentive than usual. Why? The risk for rear-end collisions, and touches grows change in Lane tremendously, if many vehicles are on the road. Every driver knows from experience how suddenly the quick columns is too narrow pack of “high” can brakes. What was just a narrow but fast, requires in the case of sudden delays, the full concentration on the control.


braking in The early detection of a Jamming, the speed should be reduced in time and evenly. In unclear situations, it is better to have too much brake than to trust on luck and then by the full braking of the front man by surprise. You should not drive research-based approach to the end of the jam. Instant, violently braking at the first sign of a traffic jam can surprise the man behind, however, is evil. The Switching on of the hazard warning lights informs the following vehicles about the traffic, because they are the real danger.

distance in

Recommended lengths according to the magazine “Auto test” in the Stand, a distance from the vehicle in front of at least three to four Cars. In case of an emergency can be avoided if a fast driving vehicle roars up from behind. Fast response time and observation of the incoming traffic is in the first few minutes of enormous importance. Always drive vehicles in a traffic jam. Particularly dangerous for Trucks and buses. You can even push multiple vehicles into each other. Distance is so important. Special caution is also appropriate when you come behind a truck. Who is pressed from the rear under the building in front, has hardly a chance of Survival. Has to be built for a hundred-Meter-long “tail” behind the car is past the greatest danger. A Crash is unavoidable, should be pressing the body firmly in the seat and your head against the headrests and not unbuckle.

shock at the roadhouse – night traffic jam in the holiday, So cheap car hire in Europe

The Perspective also protects farms in the mostly nighttime congestion to the Grid. Right at the beginning of the turn lane be classified on the delay strip, so that the Situation on the Rasthof correctly and in a timely manner will be assessed. As in the case of a traffic jam, you should approach slowly, carefully, and ready to brake the Rasthof and not surprisingly, the track back to the highway to choose. The car should be braked in the turn lane, because it is possible that directly in the swivel area of the trail was unlit vehicles, leaving only a small alley free. On top of that still may be people on the track. In short: the area of a motorway service station, you must drive like an urban gas station.

No frustration maneuvers

you will Feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable, it can also be without Stopping in the rest area exit. This should not, however, affect the driving behavior, because feelings and aggression have lost in the car, nothing. Anyone who starts a rage because of him, the snake on the tank column is too long, bring yourself and others in danger unnecessarily.

of the zodiac the tire and the emergency lane are off-limits seems to be

The sun, time passes by and nothing happens. Again and again, drivers come upon the idea of the waiting time shorten by driving on the hard shoulder or even on a rescue alley to the other. Completely Wild and even come on the idea to hang behind a vehicle and to use the blue light to use as an icebreaker. This is not only prohibited but also irresponsible dangerous. The “ice-breaker” model has the harshest consequences to be right. So someone proves that he is able to evaluate them in the traffic. When Driving on streets and strip, many dangers await in addition to dr penalty. Doors can open, cars pulling in and out, other vehicles regularly turn. Each Time the fault lies with the Abkürzer. You should also let other drivers not to provoke it to do so, even if it is difficult. In particular, motorcyclists often seem to be on a “Two-wheel-to-believe” that you have to Wait in a traffic jam, saves. This right does not exist of course.

Neither pee nor picnic

Even if the wait is long, not the motorway yet in a lounge zone. You stay in the car, even if it is difficult. If the car must be left attached to extreme caution. Emergency vehicles may drive past the traffic jam, other riders make it despite the ban. With children playing, no one expects there. You remove never more than necessary from the vehicle. A traffic jam can dissolve very quickly if a vehicle has to wait, the passengers, are the nerves of all the other mostly blank. Hupkonzerte and insults, the Least are. Often it is tried, somehow, to the obstacle to get past. To add to that hurrying children can quickly become a deadly trip.

cost of the case, despite full insurance Stiftung Warentest warns: car hire abroad can go expensive

the full – comprehensive insurance without participation-can there car, nothing wrong. The man thinks, but there can be problems with damage control, says the Foundation goods test.

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