The number of victims of an avalanche in Eastern Turkey has increased to 26

Photo: AP/Yilmaz Sonmez/IHA

the death toll has Increased as a result of an avalanche in Turkey. It is reported by TASS, citing data from the office for the prevention and elimination of consequences of emergency situations under the government of the country.

it is Noted that victims of a natural phenomenon of 26 people. Earlier it was reported 23 victims of the avalanche.

the Tragedy happened the day before, February 4, on the route van – Bakhchisarai. Snow landslide struck a passenger bus and blew him off the road. In the result, the vehicle crashed with a 40-meter height. He died on the spot 4 people, later the number of victims is constantly increasing.

Also, before the avalanche came down on the road Mtskheta – Stepatsminda – Lars in Georgia. Snow flow knocked from the roadway the car with three people, the Russian woman, the occupants were killed.

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