The operation using the Da Vinci robot held in Moscow

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

In the capital’s hospital №31 doctors performed Russia’s first operation to remove the hernia with the help of robotic surgical Da Vinci. As the press service of the Moscow Department of health, usually these operations are performed on a commercial basis in the United States.

Thanks to a grant to assist with the use of robot surgical systems assistirovannom doctors performed the surgery free of charge under policy OMS. During operation in the lower part of the abdomen was made the incision where he introduced the camera and the “hands” of the Da Vinci robot. It is noted that the image quality was better than with open surgery.

With the help of the robot, the patient left the incision of the anterior abdominal wall, and there was no effect of pain in the postoperative period, added the press service. The operation was completed successfully and with a cosmetic effect and the patient did not require long rehabilitation, and even postoperative analgesia.

Earlier it became known that the doctors of the capital’s hospitals successfully develop the 3D printing of complex organs. In particular, they create nanotkan for the heart and the artificial ventricle. Printed organs will soon be able to replace donor and will contribute to more efficient implementation of operations.

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