Following a period of rapid growth in the fresh-air sports in the past few decades has decreased the purchasing desire of European customers.

In the past year, the manufacturer of clothing and equipment for walkers, mountaineers and other Outdoor sports enthusiasts in Europe were € 5.8 billion, one percent less than in the previous year. The reported Arne Strate, Secretary-General of the industry Association European Outdoor Group (EOG) at the opening of the Outdoor fair in Munich.

“The market is stagnating,” said Strate. “A percent Minus, however, is not a reason to jump out of the window.” Annoying for the industry, this is, nevertheless, in the past two decades, the market had grown at times so fast, that also originally from outside the industry, manufacturers like Adidas are entered.

Currently, the focus of the Outdoor industry is on the predominantly Indoor practiced types of sport Climbing and bouldering. 2018 was sold according to the data of the European Outdoor Group, climbing equipment for 142 million Euro, sales were almost as high as with backpacks (152 million). “Climbing has developed extremely well,” said Strate.

now there is also an indoor climbing to the Outdoor area, shows the gradual expansion of the concept. Traditionally, the industry actually only the sports for which the person is in need of a backpack, mainly Hiking and mountain climbing. The two large sports retail chain Intersport and Sport 2000 will not go in any case of an impending end to the trend.

“What pleases us is that the 22 – to 26-year-old youth group enriches the Outdoor Trend,” said Intersport-member of the management Board Mathias Boenke. Intersport wants to focus and motivate its member traders to certain goods groups, such as Outdoor or “Urban Sports” – Skiing, Fitness etc.

a Total of 1000 exhibitors from 35 countries present at the fair until Wednesday your products. The fair took place earlier in Friedrichshafen in Baden-Württemberg, but moved at the request of the industry to Munich.



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