ice cream, balloons and milkshakes: The Fast-Food chain McDonald’s wants to produce less plastic waste. This includes the Desserts to be in the course of the coming year in sustainable packaging, “almost without plastic” sold. The goal of 1000 tons of plastic in a year to save, said McDonald’s Germany, on Thursday, the German press Agency.

This is according to the company, about a third of the packaging that McDonald’s uses for in-house products. On the entire range expected to include the drinks of other brands, should be 10 to 15 percent of the plastic saved.

fast food KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King to increase the Renaissance of the Burger-Buden

KFC is planning the number of Restaurants in Germany. Also, Burger King wants to expand. And McDonald’s was happy at last to a rise in sales. The surprised, because the past years were for the fast-food giant not much. What happened?

Katharina Grimm So McDonald’s wants to avoid’s plastic

Already this year, plastic would be abolished as a holder for balloons, informed McDonald’s. Starting in 2024, this may not be in the EU, no longer sold, as well as disposable Cutlery and plates and straws made of plastic. Tests with the reusable Cup System “Recup” would be extended “continuously”. The ice will eventually come without the plastic lid and spoon, therefore, to Shakes, to give it in paper cups with an Alternative to the plastic straw.

lunatic customer Swede walking dead badger to McDonald’s and thrashes on cars

aim, “according to the different products, where it for the system gastronomy makes sense on more sustainable packaging solutions change,” said Germany head Holger Beeck. The consequence of the global objective “that by 2025, all of our packaging materials come only from renewable, recycled or certified sources.”

of plastic waste is currently in focus, among other things, because of the pollution in the world increases, the seas dramatically. Also, many retail chains make on plastic-free solutions and a total of less packaging.



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