The price of Russian oil fell below the cost of fuel oil

At the same time in the Mediterranean Urals costs a little more – 15.25 dollars per barrel. It is noted that the price of oil from Russia was lower prices for sulphur fuel oil, which is sold at a price premium of 1.19 a barrel to the price of Urals.

This is the second time in the last decade when oil prices were less than the cost of fuel oil. The last time was in September 2019, when oil was estimated at the level of the award of 1.08 dollars per barrel for Urals.

Vice President of business development in Russia, CIS and Baltic Argus Victor Doubles, told “Vedomosti” that the price of oil from Nizhnevartovsk, for example, was higher than the price of oil on the target markets for the negative difference between the price of oil and export costs and duties.

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