The Federation Council approved the law on increase to the level of the minimum wage the amount of payments for hospital

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Denis Grishkin

the Federation Council approved a law to increase to the level of the minimum wage payments for sick leave before the end of this year. About it reports Agency “Moscow”.

For the period from 1 April to 31 December are set determination of the allowances for sick leave.

to Pay for the hospital based on the minimum wage will be if the temporary disablement allowance in the calculation for the full month will be lower than this amount.

today, sick pay based on average salaries and length of service. When calculating the allowances from the minimum wage without taking into account the experience of the average daily payout is projected at 995,7 of the ruble and increase of 19.52 ruble.

Earlier it was reported that families with the right to maternity capital within the next three months will receive 5 thousand rubles for each child up to 3 years. Payments for children 3-7 years instructed to not organize since July, and since June.

Payments to veterans and home front workers to the 75-th anniversary of the Victory must be completed before the may holidays, said the Russian leader. Veterans will receive 75 thousand, 50 thousand – the former full age prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, prisons and ghettos.

on March 29, Sergey Sobyanin imposed restrictions on movement in the capital to prevent large-scale spread of the coronavirus. The apartment will be permitted to leave only for emergency medical help, shopping at the nearest store or pharmacy.

the people of Moscow are allowed to walk the dog, empty the trash or get to work. It is necessary to keep distance with other people in 1.5 meters. The same measures introduced in the suburbs.

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