The Prosecution sees signs of a hate crime in a tweet that an official account of Vox sent on the 23rd of June. The message of the extreme right party, responded to the tweet from THE COUNTRY that collected the following information: “Five arrested for abusing a woman on a nudist beach of Cullera. The woman returned alone to the parking lot when he was cornered by five men and suffered sexual abuse.” The detainees, four of them with a history, also tried to arrollarla with the car to leave the place in a hurry”.


Vox vein to the Group in a HURRY by an editorial in THE COUNTRY Five arrested for abusing a woman on a nudist beach of Cullera

The tweet of Vox, which is still held in the account, he said literally: “What Country, you have forgotten a detail, are the five maghreb countries. Essential to clarify the origin foreign of the majority of rapists for the Spanish to raise awareness of the type of offenders who are opening the doors and subsidizing with the money of all”.

The five arrested are five people of Spanish nationality, residents of two localities of the municipalities of the region of La Ribera, close to the municipality of Cullera, where the incident occurred. The tweet Vox has not been removed more than four months after the arrests. The prosecutor’s office specialized in crimes of incitement to hatred has referred to the opening of proceedings for an alleged hate crime to the courts of Swedish that are directing the case for the alleged sexual abuse.

In the debate last Monday between the five main candidates, the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, said erroneous data that the majority of rapists in the group are foreigners. The prosecutor Susana Gisbert has confirmed to this newspaper this morning that referred to the court proceedings to continue researching in the past week. The prosecutor’s office opened ex officio the investigation last summer, when the incident occurred.

The victim, a woman of the valencian locality of Sueca, was at the beach enjoying their free time and when we went to the parking lot a group of five men between the ages of 45 and 50 years began, supposedly, to increparla with phrases vexatious sexual. When he passed by in front of them was cornered and suffered abuse, according to reports from the women.

once you have reached the parking lot, the woman sought support in a partner. Then, the five men got into their car, performed maneuvers, sudden and, according to the testimony of the victim, they attempted to arrollarla with the car.


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