“Total: 150,25 euros. Single rate search and exhumation of remains of three people”, read the receipt that the county Council of Avila, presided over by the PP, sent to the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH) after this attempted to locate, at the end of last year, the remains of three people executed by the franco regime in the municipality of Boxes. “They come up with a rate of exhumation for multarnos by the search of a grave. We penalize for helping family members find their loved ones,” said the ARMH. The Council has assured this afternoon that this was “an administrative error” and that it shall not require any such payment to the association because the action is protected by the law of historical memory, national level.

Oscar Rodriguez, a spokesman for the association, explains that the works were carried out late last year, after obtaining the permission of the city Council of the Boxes and of the Council. “Then we don’t said nothing of that tax. The mayor of the town, Beatriz Diaz [second vice-president in the Provincial council] was very friendly with us.”

The partnership was looking for two graves, one in the gutter of the road from Madrid to Casillas and the other in a way. The call of an old woman, Felipa Hairstyle, they had been put on notice. “In the nineties, stood in front of a bulldozer to stop the widening of the road because his father, shot in the autumn of 1936, was buried there with four other people. Finally the remains were exhumed and transferred to a cemetery to continue with the road work. When we called, in 2016, Felipa explained to us that he wanted to also rescue the remains of his uncle Regino, his cousin, and another resident of the village known as The Patarrillo,” recalls Rodriguez. The association finally arrived with a bulldozer to the place, and sought to both pits by following the indications of the elderly neighbors of the village, but not found. “We don’t touch the road and leave everything as it was. As we always do”. The operation was funded with private donations, and a part of them, foreign.

this is Not the first time that happens something like that. In 2017, the partnership received a notice from the City of Guadalajara reclamándoles the payment of 2.057 euro for the exhumation of Timoteo Mendieta and another 27 bodies from a mass grave in the cemetery of the capital pascuala. The remains had been exhumed by order of the court argentina that remains open a cause for the crimes of the franco regime. Finally, it is not paid. In 2012 also delayed another exhumation for the 1,500 euros that claimed the owners of a land in Salamanca to allow to open there’s a common grave.


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