The roof collapsed at visitors to cafes in Novosibirsk

Photo: telegram channel LIFE SHOT

the roof of the changing rooms café collapsed on the Boulevard of Youth in Novosibirsk. Rescuers recovered from the rubble, five people, one of them died. About TASS reported in the emergency services.

the emergencies Ministry said that the deceased was a girl. Three victims received minor injuries, another is in serious condition. A search operation is completed, people under the rubble there. In Department GO and CHS the Soviet district, the Agency stated that the roof collapsed in the annexe café under the weight of snow.

“the cafe Itself is in a good good building type of the box. The annexe café – dressing. Of snow the roof caved in because the snow was great, the roof was made of wood,” said the source.

the Collapse occurred in the area of 240 square meters. About 200 people were evacuated. There were 80 people. A criminal case on the fact of rendering services not meeting safety requirements.

on 15 January in Ufa after explosion of household gas in a residential building collapsed wall and the ceiling collapsed. The accident injured three people, including a child. Evacuated more than 30 people.

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