The Russians refused expensive gifts on Valentine's Day

Photos: Moscow 24/Julia Ivanko

In Russia, reduced desire to spend large amounts on gifts in Valentine’s Day. It follows from the data of the payment system “World”.

compared with the 2019 year, those who planned to spend more than 3 thousand rubles for gifts for your second half, was less than 8 percent. Thus 10 per cent increase in the number of those who are planning to celebrate this holiday with a partner, says the study, which cites RIA Novosti.

However, 52 per cent of men planned to give flowers, 24 percent perfumes or cosmetics, 20 per cent is jewellery or jewelry. Women for their sweethearts will make thanksgiving dinner – so said 32 per cent, fragrances and men’s cosmetics – 25% accessories 13%.

most of all celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Urals – 54%, and least of all in the far East, where the figure was 28 percent. In Moscow to celebrate Valentine’s Day expect 40 percent of respondents. Also, 16 percent of residents of the capital plans to spend for a gift more than 5 thousand rubles.

Poll the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) earlier showed that nearly half of Russians looking for love in the circle of friends.

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