The big data and data journalism so acclaimed lately, especially when trying to explain the defeats barca in function of the kilometres travelled by its players, says that the club competes with two opposing teams: the one that acts on the court to the contrary and conceded defeats thundering against Granada and Levante and ties suffered as a the of Dortmund; and the reliable ordering without reply at the Camp Nou to opponents of the calibre of Inter milan, Sevilla or Valencia. The next meeting will be held in the stadium and for both barca start as favourites against the Slavia of Prague. In the end, the leader receives the colista of the group F of the Champions league.

The club, however, is not evaluated for its track record in Europe, not necessarily in LaLiga, but by their aspirations to win the title in dispute, especially the Champions League. “We have to improve a lot and play your best to win the continental title”, granted to Semedo, still shocked by the poor match on Saturday at the Ciutat de Valencia (3-1). “We have reviewed the video,” insisted the side as a sign of guilt no repair in that the event evoked in defeats that were forgotten after chaining seven wins from the fall of Granada.


Valverde: “We have to remove the ballast to generate the defeats” The Barcelona is in two parts, Ter Stegen and Messi

The team has backtracked and is rebobinan parties have already seen and not corrected that lead to structural problems; at Barca he is missing football and pace probably because you have not given in with a game plan reliable and stable, despite the addition of De Jong and Griezmann and the emergence of Ansu Fati and Carles Pérez. Waiting to follow the evolution of Dembélé, the injury of Luis Suarez will allow Valverde to insist surely with Griezmann as a winger and Messi a false 9.

the memory of The shock of Prague, solved with a lucky 1-2, requires Barca to be very focused on his reunion with the Slavia because it is a rival very strong physically, powerful in attack and weaker in defence, conditioned by the absence of Hovorka and the recovery of Traore. Analysts agree that the figure of the technical Trpisovsky refers to that of Klopp at Liverpool. “It’s going to be a baptism of fire for us,” argued the coach of Slavia. “We have to show our quality, not to make mistakes and tactical go well at the party”, closed the restless Trpisvosky.

Valverde is accused instead of being an against motionless concepts after more killed after the failure of Anfield have been Rakitic, Busquets, and Arthur, who has been ruled out in the call for the second time (the innovations are Umtiti, Aleñá and Dembélé). Does not seem coincidence that the three defeats barca in laLiga have coincided with the substitution of Busquets, which the trainer regulates supposedly so that it arrives in the best condition at the end of the season and not decimated as occurred in previous courses —enough to remember the proceedings against the Rome and Liverpool.

To the instability of the line of means —expressed in the role of Busquets, as well as the difficulty to complete the trio of front —always dances the third leg of the trident— is added to the unreliability of defensive, especially manifested against the Lift by the bad match of Pique. The margin of error is smaller in the Champions league than in LaLiga.

The club you are interested in more than ever the triumph to relieve their matches later against Inter and Borussia Dortmund, and also to combat the doubts generated by his football after the opponents have lost all respect, as underlined by Trpisvosky: “we Can do damage to Barça”.

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