Hans-Robert Hanning, the only Bob’s name with first name, because he has success. And because he’s wearing a flamboyant taste in fashion. Hanning is since 2013 Vice-President of the German handball Association, responsible for the Department of sports performance. His supervisor Andreas Michel man responds calmly to the extremely eye-catching sweater of his Vice slowing: “If you want to have the A-side, you must also the B-side to take,” says the Boss of the German football Federation over the sloping Outfit of the esteemed Vice-President of sports performance. Much more important is the observation Michel man: “He has brought the football extremely forward and will continue to do so.”

The colorful and outrageously expensive sweater, the Hanning is wearing in his public world Cup appearances, in these days of eye-catching and probably the most discussed topic off the court. Hanning polarized – just as he has done in the world of Handball.


Bob Hanning at the press conference before the first world Cup game. Be a Versace sweater was a real eye-catcher

©Sören Stache Picture Alliance Hannings work bears fruit

That the Store runs the way he does, is mainly due to Hanning. The only 1.68 m wide maker draws the Association of the yarns, since he has started 2013 the office. “If I were to explain his role with a game position, then the structure and the circle would be. He conducts and goes to the top,” said Michel man. The visible success is to Reach the world Cup semi-final in Hamburg on Friday evening. Thus, the German national team belongs to the absolute world top.

the semi-finals in Hamburg fight for the Finale: What to expect our football-guys against Norway? DPA

But has not given the penchant for garish jumpers Hanning, over the years, many of the adversary, but its consequence. He takes photographs because he wants to make one thing: The Handball professional and popular. To him. “He absolutely loves football, very success-oriented and very empathetic compared to those, the performance want to bring” that characterizes Michel man the 50-Year-old. “And of course he is an extrovert.”

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conventions don’t care Hanning at all. So the Manager of the Bundesliga side fell out over Berlin foxes after he took office, first with the then DHB-President Bernhard Bauer and then with Germany’s basketball icon Heiner Brand. The world champion-Trainer of 2007 certificated of his former Co-Trainer after the break, a “narcissistic personality characteristics”.

Bob Hanning does not interfere with the criticism

criticism Hanning does not contest, however – at least until recently, with Ex-sprint star Katrin Krabbe married to an official, communicated to the Public this impression. In part, he pulls you even aware of. True to the Motto: a negative headline a headline is.

Fullscreen ©sampics/ Picture-Alliance

The game with the media Hanning handles perfectly, even in the home world Championships. He had hardly Bayern-Profi Franck Ribery in gold steak affair criticized, he appeared to the German kick-off press conference in a eye-catching Versace Sweater. The Handball was before the world Cup kick-off everyone is talking about.

Evil tongues say, Hanning tue purpose of the self. He sees himself in everything that he does, in the service of the hand ball. It is undisputed that Hanning is always with heart and soul. “Our Sport is down-to-earth, approachable, and sometimes with a bit of the Gold occupied in the sweaters, otherwise, very chic,” says Hanning with a twinkle in his eye about his favorite sports.

The big goal is the Olympic 2024

he has dominated in the past few years. In 2014, he was Dagur Sigurdsson as the national coach, under the two years later, the sensational EM-Triumph succeeded. After the departure of the Icelandic horse, he repeated Christian Prokop for a transfer fee of 500,000 euros from the Bundesliga club SC DHfK Leipzig into the office and held on to him even after the disastrous EM 2018.

Fullscreen ©Monika Skolimowska DPA

Today, Hanning in his opinion of Procopius are confirmed. “He is technically well-versed, high, human highly competent and wants to work Large,” says Hanning, and notes with satisfaction: “Now we are conceptually exactly where I wanted to go.”

the return to The world top stand from the beginning to his Plan – with the larger goal of Olympic Gold in 2024. The Chance of the DHB-selection with the entry into the world Cup semi-final. “Success is predictable, if the right people do,” says Hanning. “If you do everything and the team, the coach and the environment have done this – is the probability of success, of course. This is what we have done.” He has a major stake in this.

tis/ErisDobias and Nils Bastek / DPA


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