the waters of The Strait of Gibraltar can be treacherous. In just to 14.4 kilometers, you have to deal with shifting winds and traffic that exceeds the 116,000 ships per year. The elements of one of the greatest strategic points of the world you have left faces a narco Russian. What could not an arrest warrant issued by Peru in 2014, has done a temporary. The rough sea forced the suspect to take refuge in the port of Tarifa and, there, ended up arrested.

it’s been five years that R. T., this Russian citizen of 52 years, remained fled for the alleged crime of trafficking of cocaine made in Peru. Against him was a claim issued by the Interpol, as explained by the National Police in a statement issued this Monday. At this time, he had managed to wriggle out of Justice. Only temporary that is found in the Strait on the 24th of October has come to thwart their freedom.

The fled sailed on a sailboat in the company of a woman from the vicinity of the cadiz coast, where inclement weather forced him to put the bow to the port of Tarifa. “I was doing the coast from Motril and in the direction of Portugal. They asked permission to give him shelter and wanted to enter in Rate”, explains Jorge Diaz, chief inspector of the border post Fee. When the agents of the post control of input and output requested to provide their documentation, they realized that something was not going well. “I had a passport, Georgian and Russian. Took a while to identify it,” says Díez.


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The suspect was claimed by a crime that happened in may 2014 in the airport of Talma, in Peru. “I think he was confident that would not work the connections, when it is not. These orders are very effective,” explains the inspector. The Interpol was looking for him since the police discovered at R. T. with cocaine hidden inside a portable radio that he carried in his luggage.

however, the smuggler managed to get out of the reach of justice of the andean country. After being arrested in Tarifa, R. T. was still in prison at the disposal of the National Audience. If extradited to Peru, now faces a penalty that could add up to 15 years in prison.

October 24 was a busy day for the agents at the border post Fee. That same day also ended stopped at that same port a gibraltarian 29-year-old had two years on the run from Justice after stealing 1.5 million in a company from Gibraltar. “The truth is that few times we are bored here. We have more than 200 arrests a year and many delivery orders for legal claims,” Diaz explains.

The 70 officers who guard the position of the port of Tarifa closed 2018 with 232 arrests, 38% more than the previous year. The increase came motivated by the reinforcement of the Schengen borders code, which ordered the European Union in 2017 and the continuous increase of travellers has had a Fee and that in 2018 it took to overcome the barrier of the 1.5 million passengers, what you put in to this port as the second all over the country —behind the Algeciras— in movement of passengers. This year, the chief inspector believes that will culminate with a number of imprisoned similar to that of 2018, among them, the narco who was entrusted to a temporary changed his destination.


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