The traffic through the Signal passage is limited due to fire

Photo: video screenshot

the Traffic through the Signal passage on the North-East of the capital is one lane due to a fire in a warehouse, reported in the microblog in Twitter the Moscow transport.

the Fire occurred in a storage building at: Signal passage, the house 16, the structure 20. To extinguish drew fire train. Before the arrival of firefighters burning building left 12 people.

have this Motion on the Signal to travel in the direction of the 1st Altufievskoe of the overpass is carried out at 1 bar in connection with the fire at the Signal passage, 16, p. 19. br>
Be careful!

the Moscow transport (@DtRoad) February 1, 2024

the cause of the fire and the number of victims is still unknown.

Previously, the fire happened in the house 16 to the Large Volokolamsky passage. There is a bath complex. The fire is extinguished.

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the Fire occurred in the warehouse pavilion in the South-West of Moscow, the MOE has proposed a new penalty for repeated violation of fire safety