The Ukrainians stormed the border before its closure

As writes the edition “Strenia” thousands of people flocked to the two remaining open border crossings on the Polish side. The Ukrainians waited in the neutral zone when they take away the buses and carry home.

“On the border of going one hell a madhouse — thousands of people with trunks, all jostling, swearing. There is some distance, what kind of mask. Nobody checks faster would miss. No one observes the distance, most people without masks,” – said an eyewitness.

According to him, customs officers also work without masks and gloves, so can’t even imagine “how many coronavirus entered the Ukraine in such lines.”

For the last days from Poland to Ukraine returned about 10 thousand persons (pedestrians and passengers of buses) Most of them are labour migrants.

“Cold as the dog stood all night. All coughing, face red as a tomato, swallow paracetamol to bring the temperature down. Turn coronavirus. He would know, remained in Poland,” said the woman, who returned from Poland.

a Sharp increase in flow through the Polish-Ukrainian border was confirmed by the state border service of Ukraine.