In the United States have been registered this year, 695 measles cases – the highest number since the official eradication of the disease in the year 2000. Of this, the US health authority CDC informed and led back the number on three large outbreaks: two in New York and one in Washington state.

The measles outbreak in New York is the largest since 1991, and applies especially to the Orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg. Mayor Bill de Blasio called for these parts of Brooklyn, the health state of emergency and introduced a compulsory vaccination. Previously, it was already banned religious schools and day-care centres of the affected communities, to care for unvaccinated children.


to spread, especially among school children, whose parents refuse to Vaccinate. Many of them rely on philosophical or religious reasons. So, among other things, many ultra-Orthodox Jews, says the New York Times not to vaccinate, in some of the communities will be warned repeatedly of the dangers of vaccinations. Anti impfliteratur and the calls of the Rabbis made it difficult to analyze the authorities, Opponents to reach the opponent.

Demonstration of Impfgegnern in Washington – for more self-determination and against mandatory vaccination © Lindsey Wasson/Reuters

The impffeindliche movement of the so-called Anti-Vaxxer in the United States is particularly strong. It is particularly the social networks to use, in order to bring medically unsubstantiated allegations. For the world health organization, WHO, such are anti-vaccination campaigns one of the major threats to global health.

vaccinations – why they are important vaccinations save lives

vaccinations are one of the biggest Successes in the history of medicine. Whole course could sometimes be deadly, eradicated diseases such as smallpox. Vaccinations save lives each year worldwide, about six million people (Ehreth, 2003). The number of infectious diseases against which there are vaccinations, has been reduced dramatically (Bloom et al, 2005). Vaccinations are extremely effective, only the access to clean drinking water is a global yet effective (Andre et al, 2008) in the fight against widespread infections.


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