The world health organization (WHO) recommends that in young children, targeted activities to later Obesity. Therefore, A should – to two-year a minimum of three hours a day and not more than an hour in the children’s sit on cars and as little time as possible in front of screens. Under two years old should not be according to the WHO, even in front of screens, says the report.

Like the health organization writes, are at the age of three to four years, 10 to 13 hours of good sleep is very important for the physical and mental development. “A short sleep is associated with Overweight and obesity in Childhood and adolescence, as well as with mental health problems as a teenager, in connection”, – stated in the Geneva-report submitted.

In the United States, Australia, Canada and new Zealand there is already official advice to limit the duration of stay of small children in front of screens, says the WHO. Who seats, be it in the car, at the table or in front of screens, the course is easier for the risk to be sick. “The crucial thing in this age, the interactive Play with the caregiver,” said a WHO expert.

Previous estimates indicate, according to the WHO, five million people die worldwide each year because they moved enough. It was known that 23 percent of adults and 80 percent of young people are too little physically active. For small children however, there are no comparable data. The recommendations should include a gap, as there have been for under-five-year-old no guidelines for activities.


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