The victim was discovered in a burning hangar in the village of lobanovo under Istra

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow region

Victim was found burning in a metal shed in the village lobanovo under Istra. This informs the Agency “Moscow” referring to the press service of GU of EMERCOM of Russia in the region.

it is Noted that at 22:30 the fire was fully extinguished.

“in case of fire in the village of lobanovo in metallic single-storey hangar one person died”, – have confirmed in a press-service.

it is Known that the total fire area made 1 thousand square meters. While the fire was given an increased grade of difficulty.

that was stored in the hangar, not yet reported.

Previously, 6 people were rescued from the house fire in the North-East of Moscow. The fire happened in the high-rise apartment on the street pleshcheeva.

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