We have two butchers in the village. The Deininger and Huber. Wherein the Deininger is the main butcher. What do you notice? The Deininger always wins! He has, for example, the majority of the customers. If you shop at Deininger, is one served at the meat counter, either from the Deininger, Hans senior, or from the Deininger and Hans. This is the son. The Deininger, Hans junior, the son of the son, is 13 years too young. The sausage sale, the wife of Hans senior or the spouse of Hans, or the 19-year-old daughter takes over – along with eight other Sausage vendors.

There are sentences like: “The is fei a the whole of a constantly falling s’s’Stückl! The tail leg i earna so no! The Sausage is for grandpa, the gift i eich, the gfreit you. As folks are no Milano-spit with – for the Lord on the Grill! So i’s eana eischwoassn? Mogst du a Wiena, Bua?” The Deininger remain friendly, if one of the many tourists do especially stupid. “You, miss,” asks the Tourist, so the 68-year-old wife Deininger senior, “a question: What is the for a Wuast?”
“The Auszogne a! Of the is quite nice!”, spotlights the Tourist. “What is this??”, back asks, he eyes kneifend.
“A wool sausage!”, s tried to the meat seller to a New one: “The is very fine. What Happy!” The Tourist remains skeptical. “I don’t know that! Wat is that supposed to be?” In the meantime, he is slightly peeved. “A Auszogene!” The Deiningerin still exudes. The Tourist looks at her questioningly. The Deiningerin thinking and says: “A Nackate! Of s’yet!” The Tourist looks at his wife and says: “Wat is that supposed to be?” As the daughter-in-law jumps in. “Megt’s a Bratwurscht with skin or without?” The Tourist couple advises 30 seconds and then choose “no skin!”. “Then take whatever’the Wool! Wivui? Three-Piece? Fits.”


Claudia Herrmann says about himself: “I am the best mother and the best wife. And certainly not the best daughter. Perfection, others may not – I. At some point I’ve decided that doesn’t matter to me. This works best with a huge dose of self-irony.”

©Private The eternal race – ultimately, a matter of taste

one is When Huber was so cumbersome, it will not be supported simply because of the Huber has a buck on it. Point. It was. in Vain the Huber nothing. And if the Deininger is on vacation and you are forced to have to go to the Huber, you realize, to be honest, quite quickly, that makes the sausage taste ned and the Steak is tough. The Huber is in most cases a bit cheaper. What I personally find rather nice, is that when you Deininger always is, from which regional farm the meat was sourced. When Huber. That’s why I’m not neutral.

Now there is the village of a small battle between the two. The power of cumin to the pork roast, the other is not. The power of the Leberkas with sea salt, the other with iodized salt. Of a mach 10 percent baking sausage meat to the White, the other is only 5 percent. The Deininger has a treat counter, the Huber has a deli counter. The two wage a fierce dispute about who has the right. “Schweinsbrodn without cumin? Yes spinna?!”

The Deininger is with the volunteer fire Department. The Huber in water rescue. “The would-be Baywatchler san anyway, all z’fat …”, says Deininger. I don’t know if that’s true.

Bayern series At Lord’s home, Only our village, a nice policeman, very, our place in the handle of The customers set their priorities

But when Deininger gets you to the leberkas Semmel for 2 euros approx. 150 grams Leberkas. I think it’s enough. The guys from the building to see the different. Go to the Huber. There’s 2 euros to 300 grams Leberkas on the Bread. You know how much is 300 grams? You can order the next Time at the butcher’s! 300 grams. Because you will be amazed!

the other day I was mentioned in Deininger (I that he’s my favorite?) and there’s two young lads, skiers from Munich, in front of the warm bread time counter and exclaimed with wide eyes: “What the fuck?! What’s all this? The lasagna is?” Because – in the warm snack bar there are the following things (all in Roll): Fry, Wammerl, Surhaxerl [pickled knuckle of pork, Anm. d. Red.], Hendlschenkel, Bratwurst, red, white, and with cheese, Sauerkraut, lasagna, meat patties [polpette, Anm. d. Red.], Kalbshaxn, homemade potato and Krausalat, as well as two changing, freshly prepared dishes of the day.

“Wow!” The boys were out of the beam. When Huber’s Leberkas, pork roast and potato salad. For these reasons, the Huber has a right to envy the Deininger. Because of the is always better. The everything goes well. He has a knack for it. Could do an already suffering, of Huber, so. He can’t help it that his competitor is such a good business man …

Bayern series At Lord’s at home everyone knows Everyone in the village and nothing remains a secret, sometimes it’s a little … embarrassing, The construction Codes are the most efficient!

do you Know how here on the site, the orders for the bread of time to be posted? All the trades on site to find the most recent apprentice. This may be the Carpenter, the Mason, the tiler, or the Spangler [installer’s note. d. Red.]. The main thing is the Youngest. Gets a slip in the Hand down with a secret encryption code. Either he can decipher it, or he has a Problem, the boy Buarsch. But Not for the butcher’s wife helps. So:

LKS = leberkas Semmel
BS = fry bread
WS =wammerl bread
PPS = KasKasSemmel [cheese liver cheese, Anm. d. Red.]
PLKS = pizza leberkas Semmel
GVA = bratwurst Semmel
KS = potato salad
KK = slaw
B = Each
SS = schnitzel Semmel (of Course! What were you thinking?)
SOUTH = With sweet mustard
SAS = With spicy mustard
tomato = Ketchup

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Bayern survive or: “Only the Lord God and the butcher know what is in the “Leberkas ” in” the battle for The biggest toy

The village commander is the Holy Trinity consisting of savings Bank Director, pastor and Firefighter. These are the VIPs from the country. The brigade commander has always shopped there when Deininger and the priest also, because of the Deininger on Sunday always good in the Church and the pastor, then a wreath Lyon blames. Only the savings Bank Director has bought at the Huber. For So long, until the Deininger has moved its account from the Hypo to the savings Bank, and the Bank has also sold a parcel of land. Now all the VIPs in Deininger.

In any case, the Huber had eventually had enough and wanted to pay the Deininger home. That’s why he started inflatable air mattresses in the Form of white sausages and sell pretzels in the Store, which was really all the rage. Everyone in the village had. It looked maybe a fun little swimming pond! The Deininger has paid him in turn home, he was sitting at the carnival procession on a giant inflatable pork chop, which was lashed to the roof of a large tractor and to cheer for “We are the Champions”. This has taken the Huber real.

But, like the fate is so, every time bad Karma. And that was when Deininger last week. As his daughter explained to him that she is from the Huber-Buam pregnant. For the world collapsed. What the heck, I thought. Then do it holding a large butcher’s shop!

But, to me, is a damn eh!


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