The who is convening a meeting of the Committee of emergency situations in connection with an outbreak of pneumonia in China

Photo credit: TASS/Sergei Savostyanov

the world health organization convenes a meeting of the emergency Committee in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus in China. The meeting will be held on January 30 in Geneva.

the Committee plans to make a decision whether to declare an international emergency in connection with the distribution of 2019-nCoV in China.

in addition, who has warned of the possibility of occurrence in the “imported cases” of the new type of coronavirus, reports RIA Novosti. The organization has also developed recommendations that will help the authorities deal with such cases.

Earlier, the who assessed the risk of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV at the international level as high. To this end, the organization assessed the risk as very high for China, high for the region and modest at the international level. However, this wording was a mistake which he subsequently corrected.

According to recent reports, the new virus in China 5974 people, of whom 132 died.

the CPS decided to prepare physicians in Russia to the treatment of the virus and transfer of the hospital on a strict anti-epidemic regime. Doctors will practice history taking in patients with symptoms that do not exclude new coronavirus.

For the prevention of coronavirus, the Agency has issued recommendations for citizens. It is recommended to drink only bottled water, eat thermally processed food and to wash hands before eating and after visiting crowded places.

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