Bastian Pastewka really looks just like Bastian Pastewka. But he is of course not really. Because, as he himself admits: “Bastian is an asshole. A Giant Ass.” He says the cool, so when he is talking about a completely different Person.

Sitcoms, in which the Comedy Star plays himself, the life that the main character acts a lot of stupid and mean, as one would put it past him in reality. So here, too. The true Pastewka nibbles, for example, chocolate in the Minibar of the hotel room is not determined secretly and pushes it to the cleaning lady in the shoes, like the fictional Pastewka at the beginning of the ninth season, starting Friday, Amazon Prime. The real Pastewka has no poor half-brother, and his father is not as penetrant dominant as the Dietrich Hollinderbäumer embodied Volker Pastewka. Clear.

Nevertheless, one can well imagine that some of the viewers sometimes a bit of a messed up device. Once a woman came to Bastian Pastewka – so now the real one – and said: “I hope that you get back together with your Sonsee.” Two errors put more precisely: firstly, Pastewkas partnership is broken only in the series, not in reality. And second of all, his Ex-girlfriend in the series, Anne, Sonsee. Sonsee Neu is the actress that represents you.

Bastian Pastewka gives now coffee and sparkling water, he is the friendliness in Person. The series tells can also be very charming, only he pursued most selfish of intentions, which is why you should better be careful. Pastewka now speaks about be worse I in the ten new episodes. It begins with Pastewka has to make money, because he lives quite a long time in a Hotel and nothing makes. His Bank Manager advises him strongly to a new firm commitment. In fact, he soon finds something Suitable: He plays in the eve-doctor series. His real Motivation is that the series is exactly the shot in the hospital, his Ex, Anne works with the he would be very, very happy to be together again.

The series has been running since 2005. Recently, she made some headlines because the Bavarian land centre for new media, an earlier episode from the eighth season due to a creeping ban on advertising. On Wednesday, Amazon informed, however, entitled to appeal – in the meantime, the sequence will be replaced by a new Version.

The Fans should not the horrors. You are much more busy with the question of whether Bastian and Anne reconcile in the new season at last. The importance of a new arrival: the Baby of Hagen and Pastewkas Nemesis Svenja Bruck is this time in any case. The small Mafalda is, perhaps, even the secret Star of the new season. Incidentally, it is not the real child of Matthias Matschke, or Bettina Lamprecht, the performers. It was a Baby from real parents, says Pastewka.

it is Interesting that the Fans of the series Pastewka like, even though he’s a creep. “It makes me crazy,” claims the real Pastewka. “We have shown the first episode of the eighth season in the cinema. Bastian is so corrosive to all of you, and so stupid, and yet, If he leaves because at the end of his car, all say: “Oooooh… the arms!” I don’t get it!”

The Interview is now coming to an end, and Pastewka is on lunch break. With half an ear, you can hear how he places the order. As a grown-up, the eccentric TV Pastewka in the sense that orders his Hamburger without cheese, tomato and salad leaves. The real Pastewka is, of course, quite different. He takes a salad, how to listen now. But then he says something else: He wants it without the cucumbers, onions and tomatoes.



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