An old apartment in Valencia, Spain, the door opens, a kiss on the cheek as a greeting. Also a beer? With their disarming buddy-Aura Alexandra could Warth clean, sleek, watch woman in casual clothes, also a dedicated social worker or a teacher.

pure Warth, 45 years old, is the least known German-language best-selling author. Few know how she looks like. No one speaks to you on the street. You’ve never been in a talk show. There are hardly any portraits or Interviews.


Why? She shrugs. “I don’t know,” she says. “I don’t make myself scarce, I’m going to do this Shit, if they ask. But I’ve got nothing Spectacular to be experienced. Am nowhere to be down or hijacked have been overthrown.”

That’s right. And is still an understatement. Spectacular is the success of your books. More than two million she has sold well. You don’t know the self.

Alexandra pure Warth is in the guide Business. It is something like the Punk Version of Paulo Coelho. Her best-known book is called “shit a way. How is your life improved when you finally loosen up.” The counselor for more Serenity sold since 2016, around 600,000 Times. Last year he was in this country on place eight of the best-selling non-fiction books.


pure Warth in the vicinity of your apartment in Valencia. In another quarter of the town, has bought of your book fees, two old houses, she wants to renovate.

©Gunnar Knechtel

For nearly 20 years, Alexandra lives in a purely Warth in Spain. With her black hair and dark eyes, keep you here in Valencia, usually for a established. Your large apartment in the city centre is delightfully untidy and has a floor of a stunning mosaic. In the kitchen there is a black Toaster in the Form of a Darth-Vader-helmet as a trophy. “My son Fritz has seen him and said that he could not live without him,” explains pure Warth. “I had to buy.” One can understand the young: The finished Toast the branded “Star Wars”Logo adorns. Fritz is five. His father is a companion Reinwarths life, she calls in her books always l. with. He is German and operates a Restaurant in Valencia. More, L., does not need to know about him. Both are for 15 years, happy together, live in different apartments. You like the mix of proximity and distance.

In your success as a counselor Warth is dedicated to clean all sorts of nerve factors of your daily life. With relish, she describes the Quälgrad of rules and conventions, criticised the forced to bikini figures, false ideals of beauty and complains about the demanding friends, it’s After-Work parties, unsolicited advice and stupid Hobbies. All of this – so your constantly repeated message – would you please confidently on the ass in passing.

The others have already said. But as funny as pure Warth’s just not written down. And even if hardly anyone all your snotty shit is no matter-to-implement advice: Only read this relieves. Alexandra pure Warth the personalized counter-model to the auto-tuning craze is. A wisecracking at the end of expert for nothing and somehow everything. Your source: you, yourself, and your view of the world. “I’ve cleaned up my life and tell about it,” she says. “I want to, so to speak, turning sense contradictions into proposals for action.” Whether it’s about happiness, Sex, relationships, friendship or a lack of self-esteem – always has simple answers: you have to Relax. Live in the Here and Now. Be yourself and don’t want to be like the other.


Reinwarths books to read, as you would have written a more stoned Dalai Lama, who has smoked before Writing the Pathos. The author provides pearls of wisdom from the simple beauty and writes so loosely, like your readers guessing. And the books, tearing her from the hands. Because, like Alexandra, you want to be like that. So consistent, so self-assured, uncompromising. And so adventurous. Because stuffy, you can’t call your previous resume.

According to Spain, it has layers of pure Warth by chance. In 2000, she attended with her then-Partner, friends in a small Spanish village. And a walk in the said along the way: “Look to sell up there is the house.” They went to look only to time. Pure Warth liked the ancient small stone house with the orange tree in front of it immediately. You and your Partner bought it and moved to Spain. He worked as a musician for commercials, in a Store as a saleswoman.

Tried has like pure Warth. Born in 1973 in Nuremberg, middle-class family with three children, father, insurance salesman, mother a medical-technical assistant. To the best Alexandra went in Warth to Munich and began an extensive study of social pedagogy. It took a week. Then it was clear to her This is not okay. “I’ve dedicated myself then,” she States, “the food and Drink, and I’m in a pub collective got in.”

Rags, and waiting was never an Option for Alexandra, purely Warth. Your mother, told you, told you once about your tough daughter: “Alexandra is a person that you throw out of the helicopter, over the jungle, and he comes through. To you you do not need to take care of.”

pure Warth did quite well in Spain, worked as a producer for advertising films, was unemployed, re-invented himself time and again. A German friend told her about a book project and asked if she would like to work in a Team contributing to it. She had and was now in the book business. The first joint work was called: “Fmieb words, the world needs”, a collection of invented terms, which describe things and actions for which there are no words. “Fmieb” for example, is the dead Sneeze. It is the book “ass antlers a” followed, – how pure Warth small, ill work on the spirit of the time phenomena, says,–””.

Did she know that she has Talent as a writer? “Well,” she says. “I was always the English teacher’s favorite. But really Talent? Nah, I didn’t know that. I’m not there so went in. It was also quite long, rather as mau, but then gradually getting better and better.”

The-ass-over-filling books

What was that you sharpened your profile and from then on their own, special access to topics. “I look good”, she explains, “I have a project, make things and then write about it, what I’m experiencing here and what that does to me.” As of 2012, moved out in her book, “The Sexprojekt – How I (me), the best lover in the world”. For swallowed you aphrodisiacs, tried Dirty Talk, learned in Tantra-Sex and took tips from a high-priced call girl. “At the time,” she says today, self-critically, “I was probably part of something very light-hearted on-the-go. Today, I would probably not trade secrets.” The book was bad, but the first really good money earned purely Warth with a captivatingly simple idea. You invented about ten years ago, the “What I love about you”series. These are fill-in books that you give to your Partner, family members or friends. Each contains ready-made sentences, which should be complete very personally. Phrases such as “My first thought when I saw you for the first Time …” or “What I’m particularly grateful to …”. The ideal gift book for all, where nothing else comes to mind. More than a Million copies she has sold. “We have maxed out really out,” admits a purely Warth. At that time, she has learned how to market a good idea to vomiting. It appeared “What I love about you”-calendar, sticky notes, a-Few-days books, and even a “What I love about you”-sound machine with compliments to Hear at the push of a button.

In the normal bestseller lists Warth didn’t come in with this kind of books. Then you had to book in 2016, the idea of the ass-over -. Of course, you know that cool there is propagated a top ideal type. No one can constantly let shit go, to be without one myself. But straight women, pure Warth, should be a little less tolerant and not constantly things not good for you. It’s all about fundamentals. A condition of friendship could not be to help permanently moving to or listening to bad concerts by untalented children. “I don’t want these continuous compromises, only to be also guaranteed to be liked,” she says. “We women tend to be, unfortunately. You should refuse certain things.”

Meanwhile, Reinwarths publisher has built from your success of the book is a veritable ass-Empire. There are On-ass-over-fill-in books, sticky notes, post cards, calendars, advent calendar, tasks, folders, budget, books, serenity, sound machine, The-ass-over-Shirts, bags and mugs, and a Buddha figure with a high-stretched finger. A Problem with this marketing strategy is not purely Warth. “Why? As long as it works.” Allegations, you would be rolling your success to go to her exactly how bad reviews – we didn’t expected nothing else – “rat’s ass”.


Reinwarths greatest success: the loose guide “At the ass-end over a way”


her life had not changed after the book will follow. “Except,” she says, “I have more money now and less fear of poverty in old age. But most of the coal I carved immediately out again. But not in vain.” Two years ago, you purchased in Valencia two old buildings in need of renovation. She proudly shows a photo. “The art Nouveau style. Hammer, are you?” The houses are in a somewhat seedy neighborhood, which is a bit of a look like Havana. “At the time, all I spider thought. But I want to renovate. In the one I want to move myself up and down my mother to live. I can get it here. And in the other a Café clean and the top is a Bed-and-Breakfast Hotel, is at the bottom. I’ll wait however, for the past two years on the permit for the renovation. Also, this is Valencia.” The Spaniards seem, it is also rather left tackle.

Alexandra pure Warth sign of the zodiac: “briquette”

Currently writes purely Warth on a new book. It is “don’t Believe everything you think”. A work on typical errors that you do because you think that every thought is in your head is always right and important.

It is evening in Valencia. In the sky the stars Shine, a glorious sight. “If I’m a according to my horoscope asks”, said Warth, “then I always answer: I am a briquette.” In other words: astrology you will pass on the ass.


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