Lena, the new Album “Only Love, L” appears after a period with many Deep. They have moved the release date again and again, said that they had no good feeling. How did you influence this process?

I’ve postponed the Tour, the Album stopped and gave myself a break. I went to no Events, and I dimmed all the outside noise down. This also includes Social Media. I had to look who I really am and what I want. What makes me so insecure, so sad? The time was super important, because I forced myself to answer these questions honestly. The result was the new Album came out.

And what conclusion did you come – what have they inhibited?

It was the feeling that there was no reason to make the Album. The last Album was finished, and then the next. But that was not in my eyes reason enough. There was no red thread and it had no raison d’être. As I’ve been busy, I was able to find an authentic level. And by the way I talk about my feelings and my Fears and write.

Interview with Lena Meyer-Landrut “The bullying, a giant has been a problem for me” By Carsten Heidböhmer

In your previous career, you have managed to be close to their Fans, to build and to protect her private life. The new Songs seem very much more personal and intimate. How come?

I’m most happy when I’m authentic. If I’m honest, I don’t need to readjust and not be such a big fear of Feedback. I was scared to death to publish the entire song! This is a big step, because I give so much price. But I’m also very grateful that I can do that with the music. I would not do in an Interview, but these feelings may agree with the art. The words are accurate, the Sound fits in as well I would like to Express it. This has given me the art. And so I keep control of the topics.

What exactly makes you the most afraid of?

It is important that you bare in a way. That you are feelings and honest words and pure. This provides a large attack surface.

your first Song on the Album, “Dear L,” is a letter to you. It comes to Doubt, to Intuition, to ambitions – to which Lena, the letter is addressed?

It is a letter to my 19-year-old Me. For the preparation for this time. I’ve wondered in retrospect whether I would submit the letter at all. And I don’t think I would do it. As it happened, it had all been his accuracy, and I would want to change anything. But it is about the fact that someone makes awards, and courage. Says that it’s okay if you fucked up times. That one falls down and then gets up again. It is allowed to have ambitions and to believe in themselves. For me, this is a German phenomenon. One gets the feeling that we should always stack deep.

for young women in particular is designed ambition is often considered a Bad thing.

Exactly. Why can we not have great visions and ambitions? It is always: “Yes, Yes, do it now first, the and then we’ll see.” Only if you have big goals, you can achieve great things. The people who have done the biggest changes to the world, also had the largest vision. Only with such a setting, you can create it. This is not to say now that I want to change in the great styles of the world – although I have nothing against, but it is good to allow yourself these ambitions and dreams.

it Was in the early stages of their career, people who wanted to keep it small?

Yes, without end. There have always been people who don’t have it myself. Or kept me small. Comments such as “Yes, This is all just out of luck happened,” I heard often. Since there were a lot of examples and situations. And I don’t think I’m the Only one. This is on the agenda. And it’s true that it hits women in particular.

music video for the Generation Smartphone battery all? – Like Lena Meyer-Landrut with her new music clip for the Fans

confused At the end of the video to “Don’t Lie To Me” you pass over a toilet. Out comes glitter. What is the glittering symbol?

The scene has three levels. Of course, the glitter is the glitter of the world on Instagram. But “Don’t Lie To Me” also means: You should spill the beans time. The honest opinion. And besides, it is an allusion to the recurring anorexia rumors.

So, their final answer to the rumors?

I don’t think it was final. I don’t even have, unfortunately, in the Hand, what is written. But I’ve used it as a means. If that was now, thank God!

body shaming – something, which deal primarily artists. Since Instagram is not quite innocent. The platform will be in their music video for the Symbol for displacement. You can describe how to influence the social networks?

It is dangerous to throw with half-knowledge. But without that the is now placed on the gold scale: There is a staging on Instagram, and it comes to post aesthetic images and to consume. What I enjoy the most, gets the most attention. And many people are grateful for this light, shallow consumption, in order to distract himself. The watch prefer any palm images, or photos from social image of the supposedly perfect female body.

There is a very good example: I was recently on a shoot where we had a hair dryer from the 90s. Since I’ve put myself under it. And I had styled Makeup from the shoot and the hair. So we staged the picture for Instagram. After I had posted this, have directly people written: “As if you blow dry your the hair.” But this is not a staged photo, the reality. Because you have to draw boundaries, but this is difficult. This makes me also not cold.

View this post on Instagram

Waiting for my hair to get dry in the 70s Pic by @hut hut

A post shared by Lena (@Lena Meyer landrut) on Feb 11, 2019 at 8:55am PST

There are artists and celebrities, the answers to Instagram and co. a lot of such comments. Sometimes they justify themselves, sometimes they don’t back grumble, some do however. How are you?

There is no overarching tactics. I am relatively spontaneous. Comments such as “Wow, you’re ugly” I don’t care about. I can pay no attention, this is me too stupid, and does not affect me. If I say something, then, because I misunderstood, or unfairly treated feel. There was a photo, I’m standing in front of a wall, with a glass in Hand and a straw was in it. In the picture I was belly-free, prompting about 100 people have written, I should eat something. I don’t care. But a girl commented that I was a role model and that I post a picture with a straw, be antisocial. You should also think of the environment. This was a Situation in which I was treated unfairly felt like. Environmental protection is an issue, I am committed to, and greatly make. And on something, and I answer.

Could you imagine to delete the App?

I’ve made in the past year. But for me, Instagram makes sense and makes me fun. I would imagine that to delete the App, if it will give me time to be stupid. Since I am also rigorous and say that’s it, ciao. But not right now.

“Only Love, L,” they sing a lot about love. There is a new man in her life?

On the subject I don’t talk. It was always so. But asking costs nothing!

Lena’s new Album “Only Love,l” will appear on 5. April.


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