Michael Jackson leave abuse in the year 2005, as a free man in the courtroom

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Michael Jackson (1958-2009), and the alleged child. Like a sword of Damocles, the serious allegations about large parts of his successful career, floating in the air. Despite the rumors, accusations, and investigation procedures scar depth on the Image of the artist, remained Michael Jackson, and last of millions of Fans around the world loved and up to the time of his death officially innocent.

In the scandalous documentary “Leaving Neverland”, on Saturday, the 6. April will be broadcast from 20:15 clock on ProSieben for the first Time in Germany, will be enriched old allegations with new Details and statements of alleged Victims, in order to provide allegedly new evidence that Michael Jackson is supposed to have many children miss. But is it really something new?

the First allegations surfaced in 1993

The first accusations in this direction a few years already on the hump: when it all started in August 1993, as the first allegations against Michael Jackson. Evan Chandler, father of Michael Jackson, a friend of the Jordan, brought back to the public prosecution, his minor son had been abused by Jackson sexually abused.

According to initial investigations by the police, who, however, could find no evidence, agreed by the two parties to a payment of, allegedly, around 22 million US dollars in Chandler. The insurance of Michael Jackson clearly wanted to go a lengthy process out of the way, which might lead to much higher losses, as it was then. In addition, a serious Image should be averted damage.

Chandler waived due to the payments on the commencement of an action, which would be at the time for a process in California. Thus, this story initially had no legal repercussions and was negotiated at the time never. Evan Chandler’s attorney explained to the public that Michael Jackson and “nobody Silence’ve bought”.

in addition, the out-of-court agreement, that the payment was no admission of guilt. It was explicitly stated that Jackson had committed no wrongdoing. They wanted to have the thing just from the table.

Until today, rumors that Evan Chandler had acted out of pure greed for money, persist. Tape recordings, which came years later, to the Public, to substantiate the theory. Jordan Chandler now lives under an assumed name, retired in the vicinity of New York City. After the suicide of his father in 2009, he had, according to Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael, the allegations are far from taken back to the Public.

in addition to its detail proved to be descriptions of the Genitals of Michael Jackson as demonstrably false. Until today, could never be conclusively clarified to what extent the accusations were a reality or only the invention of a greedy father. Michael Jackson protested, but his life, his innocence. He touched Evan never immoral.

charges in the year 2003

After the rumor mill to Jackson seethed in the following years, it was only in the year 2003 to the new, solid-looking statements. In the TV documentary “Living with Michael Jackson” told a cancer that he was cured by Jackson, and he is always with him sleep – although not in the same bed, but in the same room.

A scandal! A Prosecutor then brought charges against Jackson. The family of the young argued, however, initially vehemently – as, of course, Jackson himself -that there had been Attacks. On the contrary: In an Interview, she even talked, Michael was the nicest person they’ve ever met.

later, the Wind turned. The Arvizos, the family Name, turned to the same lawyer as before Chandler and claimed that it was made to abuse. In a spectacular process in 2005, they became entangled, however, in a number of contradictory statements. It also came out that one already in another process 145.000 US Dollar made it difficult, because you testified under oath incorrectly.

Even celebrities such as Macaulay Culkin (38) from said back then, in the process for Jackson in the Rest of the allegations in 1993 were co-negotiated, although Chandler denied the statement. 13. June 2005, Jackson was acquitted in all charges by the jury unanimously. The judge said at the time that Jacko was “fully rehabilitated”. It left no remaining doubt that Michael Jackson could not have been guilty.

“you’re a free man”, turned to the judge for sentencing at the time of Jackson, “these words are cited on many occasions and repeated the words for eternity”. Probably true. The complaining family Arvizo now lives in complete isolation in the vicinity of Los Angeles. Briefly, you made due to a conviction for social assistance fraud.

New allegations in “Leaving Neverland”

Now, around 15 years after the acquittal, and ten years after the death of Pop-icon – are the allegations, however, are more topical than ever. In the documentary “Leaving Neverland” especially Wade Robson and James safe Chuck, who claim that Jackson have you need to years of sexual abuse. The statements, however, are extremely controversial. Robson, for example, said in the 2005 process is under oath, even for Jackson.

Also, the makers of the documentary, Dan Reed, was accused by the survivors to act out of pure greed for money and desire for sensation. Finally, the allegations against Michael Jackson will be solved probably never be a media spectacle, they remain.

His behavior towards children, with whom he was very often invited and with him stayed, of course, remains extremely bizarre and makes all the alarm bells. If, however, this is also criminal conduct of Michael Jackson developed, will probably always be unclear and pure speculation.



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