television channel Sky needs to hear from football fans often critique, but you have to let the Pay-TV provider, with regard to football broadcasts, the transmitters set new standards. In the year 2000 – at that time still under the name of the predecessor company’s Premiere delivery in the channel, the first League conference in the German television. According to the model of the legendary final conference on the Radio the Fans were able to play multiple games in the Bundesliga and the 2. League at the same time live track.

in the Meantime, the conference is part of the natural inventory of the German television landscape. For the new season, however, Sky has at least in the 2. League a Change is introduced, the many football fans bring on the palm. Instead of, as previously, the games of their own reporters in the conference to comment on, is now connected between the commentators of the individual games back and forth. This means that Sky has done its viewers a Favor and yourself too.

Sky launches new conference model in the 2. League a

Up to the last round last season, was in addition to the commentators, the broadcast for 90 minutes a single game, also a commentator for each conference game. In front of the screens in Sky’s Headquarters in Unterföhring near Munich, the conference Reporter, played by the linguistic balls, screaming “goal in Sandhausen” and “Red card in Fürth”. For Fans this was an important Service.

questions and answers start to the season kick-off for a strong 2. League: it is Already clear that a rise of favorite DPA

will fail, a Few days before the start of the season in the 2. The League has announced, the transmitter, to want in the future, these commentators miss. Instead, it should lead, it was said in the message, a Moderator from the conference, and the link between the individual Games. The comment to the game scenes, it should come from the commentators in the single-player transfers, in which you want to switch seamlessly. A step backwards from the previous model, but at least a reasonably thought out Plan that has been tested on Sky for football-Transfers already. If it would work …

In The first attempt goes wrong – a lot of criticism from Fans

On the first round in the lower house of the new conference still showed numerous children’s diseases and many of the Fans felt rather ridiculed. Some viewers vented their Anger on the social networks air. During the Saturday and Sunday games, it rained complaints for the Sky account on Twitter.

in fact, was the prelude to very bumpy. Habituation effects in the audience could not require a Sky yet, in Germany the Format is still relatively unknown. The implementation of Sky this weekend will not, however, necessarily contribute to it is rapidly gaining acceptance: Seemingly at random the game commentators was between the single and switch the a was in the middle stall in the sentence, the other a rose in the middle of the sentence. Correlations were establish for the audience difficult, if the Reporter based on something they had mentioned previously.

a Few information to get hardly any emotions

A real insight into the game, is for Fans to be even more difficult than it already is now in a conference call. Although noted commentators such as Jörg Dahlmann quite the Effort to the conference viewers to pick up the succeeded, however, only rarely. They remained So as a conclusion: featureless, unloving, a lack of information, exhausting to listen to.

a column of Red-and – white Bayern-Fan-column is Not a Sané, no world stars: The Bundesliga is baking smaller rolls – and that is a good thing

that would have to be absorbed, but the new second-League-conference Sky makes the more likely to what is for the conference viewers, the Worst-Case scenario: missing a goal. Not to miss anything, to get all the important information – that is the reason why people are watching a football conference, and that should really know Sky. A gate to another place is not announced but by the classic cry of “gate into…”, but by a quiet, nondescript rumbling, then the Switch to the other stadium to follow. There, the commentator is not sometimes so far, that he calls even the name of the scorer.

Bundesliga conference remains unchanged

Little Information, hardly any Emotion – the new second-League conference is so tear no Fan more from the stool. Apparently the transmitter in the 2 want. League save money by requiring less commentators. It is not the first Time that the football house will be reduced: Since last year, the commentators of the individual games no longer have to sit at every second League game live in the stadium. Even then, the Change in for criticism had caused also by the Associations, the effect for the audience, however, was not so noticeable as this time.

Two good news nonetheless. First of all, In other countries, the new Sky-principle – works, for example, in the case of the NFL Broadcasts in the USA. Also competitor DAZN conducts its conferences in the Europa League. Secondly, The conference of the Bundesliga, the 16. August the new season starts, it will run according to the usual model. The Fans of the 2. League, but must first abandon the “goal”scream.

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