Spicy, firm, juicy bite into the Burger revealed an amazing Similarity with the Original one. Several new meat substitute products have arrived on the German market, with great success. Hardly a Barbecue this summer, on the not “Beyond burgers” or “Incredible Burger” for at least being discussed. Self-FDP-Chef Christian Lindner known to be a happier shareholder of the producer company.

stock meat substitutes up to a few years ago, mainly from corn or soy, there are now a number of Alternatives. In addition to mushrooms, beans, and peas is fruit, including more Exotic options such as the Jack, whose Interior is reminiscent of chicken meat.

Meatless Burger Patty Lidl brings the hyped “Beyond Meat Burger” to the range on him, the Hollywood Stars Of Denise Snieguole Wachter

swear by wheat, The new Burger based on the pea, or soy protein. With healthy green spelt patties from the natural food store, they have nothing in common, are highly processed foods. One of them there are since the end of April in a large Fast-Food chain. He should remind you of meat, not Quinoa, or vegetables, clarified the company for the introduction.

meat tastes like meat: Why?

But why need to taste the Whole thing and be stringy like real meat? This was to the audience, says the Giessen chemist Holger Zorn, who is himself involved in the development of sausage made from ingredients of edible mushrooms. It will go to the consumers, the ate while the meat, but this is wanted to reduce. And since, in Europe, the choice had come between meat and plant-based substitute products, would have to the Original as close as possible. This applies to the feeling in the mouth, and of course the taste. “A food that does not taste, can be ecologically useful, as it wants to, it will not be bought,” says the Professor.

not to focus solely on Vegan and vegetarian, with a view on the Numbers make sense. Because the proportion of the population is depending on the investigation only to the ten percent. Their meat consumption is far more German citizens want to reduce it. More than a third of the households expected the Association for consumer research, in 2016 this group, with a rising trend.

despite knowledge of the consequences for Ecology, climate and animals for many people, a total abandonment is out of the question, linked to the fact that meat is a Symbol for a part of the social well-being, says the food psychologist Christoph Klotter. “If I would not eat meat any more, I would feel threatened,” explains the man from Fulda Professor.

meat as a Symbol of prosperity Interview with New Food Trends snack ification – why meals, as we know it, at the end of Snieguole Wachter

By Denise Especially when grilling, it demonstrates that it is not a “meat is also a Symbol for the male gender. Traditional men are convinced meat-eaters.” At the summer garden party, a million-year-old mankind’s will may be reproduced history: “The invention of fire and the man as a hunter of crickets. The woman agrees. This is a very primitive gender-roles-patterns”, says the psychologist. Vegetarianism and veganism are marked female. The new plant Burger were a good compromise.

The Association Proveg, formerly a vegetarian, the Federal government, speaks enthusiastically of the “real Game Changers”, because they were so meat-like and tasty. “Also spelt green spelt-biscuit can be very tasty, but for the General population, they are not as employable,” says Anna-Lena folding, a consultant in nutrition and health at Proveg. Your Association is currently fighting against a legislative proposal at the EU level, to regulate the designation for the meat substitutes. Plant Burger should then be named “Bratstück” to suggest meat content, where there is none. Proveg has started a Petition against it. About 70,000 signatures already said folding.

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