could be “Comfort Food,” you say, nervous food, which makes it but not quite. There are dishes that make you happy and each person has their own “Comfort Food”. It was the most delicious potato soup, made by mom always, if you was sick, and in the lovingly Vienna sausage clean-cut. Or the delicious lasagna from the first trip to Italy. Food links, food makes you happy.

to be understood Which courts in which countries as “Comfort Food”, you will learn in the following series of photos.

Austria: Wiener Schnitzel

It is the national dish of Austria and is only authentic if it is prepared with veal. This potato salad tastes like. Click here for the recipe!

United Kingdom: Fish and Chips

the fish is fresh and the breading light and airy, and then Fish and Chips are a dream. And a classic of English cuisine. Try the fish with a splash of vinegar. Very british!

Spaghetti Carbonara: Italy

not only Tastes Italians well, but also pasta lovers around the world. But there is only one original recipe.

Canada: Poutine

This is nothing more than fries with hazel meat, gravy, and white cheese.

Hungary: goulash

goulash is a stew that comes in many variations. In Hungarian, the term Gulyás referred to shepherd the Cattle. But the Hungarians not to give their national court of that name.

Mexico: Chilaquiles

there Should be here a lot more often: crispy Tortilla Chips with tomato sauce, cheese, and Sauce. It is often eaten for Breakfast.

Poland: Pierogi

bags are This cooked dough is true on the Palate. Be filled with potatoes or cottage cheese, and onions, usually with a dollop of Sour cream, bacon, or caramelized.

Japan: Ramen

Forget Instant Ramen from the Asian supermarket. Real Ramen real soul food. In Tokyo there is even a Ramen-Restaurant, awarded with a Michelin star.

France: onion soup

A classic, especially in the Winter: onion soup is rich, warm, and is covered by a generous layer of cheese. Tastes best with toasted bread.

Moussaka in Greece

The Greek Version of lasagna is made with eggplant, potatoes, minced, tomatoes, a kind of Béchamel Sauce and Parmesan cheese prepared.

Morocco and Israel: Shakshuka

Shakshuka originated in North Africa, but in Israel a national court. There, you eat it for Breakfast, lunch and dinner – and it tastes simply delicious. Click here for the recipe!


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