Only every second employee in Germany gets holiday pay. And the chances of that are distributed in anything other than equal: women go more often empty than men. Workers in the West are more likely than workers in the East. And also the size of the operation and the question of collective bargaining play a decisive role, as the WSI collective bargaining archive of the Union-affiliated Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, as determined on the basis of an Online survey of more than 123 000 employees.

The greatest chances of a holiday money have trained according to Thorsten, head of the WSI collective bargaining archive, the Employees in the tariff-bound companies. Around 69 percent of them receive according to the survey, a salary subsidy for the holidays. For comparison: In the case of employees, for which no collective agreement applies, it is only 36 percent.

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an Average of 50 percent of the men could, but only 41 percent of the women expected holiday of money. Here that in the Occupations with a high proportion of men – for example, in the case of Engineering and other technical activities – more frequently than the average holiday money will be paid, said Schulten. In Occupations with a high proportion of women – such as in the Social and health area – this is much less the case.

Also, the Region in which you are working, play a large role. While in the West, almost half (49 percent) of employees gets a subsidy to the holiday Fund, which is in the Eastern German länder, only about one-third of workers (35 percent) of the case. Here, the low coverage rate of collective agreements of the enterprises in Eastern Germany seem noticeably of the Deal with from the expense, said Schulten.

amount of the subsidy depends on the job

The size of farms also affects the payout of holiday pay. Of the workers in small businesses with less than 100 employees, only 37 percent receive holiday according to the WSI money. In larger companies with over 500 employees, the proportion rises to 61 percent.

the amount of The vacation allowance varies from industry to industry– between 155 and 2450 Euro in the middle of the compensation group. The least money for the holiday Fund for Employees in the agriculture and in the Hotel and catering industry. Very high payments, can look forward, however, workers in the wood and plastics processing, the metal industry and in the insurance industry.

A legal claim to the grant for the vacation Fund, there is no way. The special payments may be made voluntarily by the employer or by a collective contract to be agreed. In 11 out of 22 industries could look forward to the Deal last about an increase in Holiday pay from the previous year. The increases varied according to the WSI in most industries between 1.0 and 8.7 percent.

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