Who would like to lose a few pounds, often leaves the Breakfast fail. Most nutrition experts would not recommend the rather. On the contrary, A recent study found that only about half clearly, not Breakfast. The other half has to eat even in the Morning, otherwise you can not start to be productive in the day.

studies show but also, who in the Morning very calorie-rich as a king eats, the saving in the course of a day, and increasing. The nutrition expert Dagmar von Cramm said in an Interview with the star. Who is an unsweetened but in the morning whole grain cereal with nuts and fresh fruit or a slice of whole grain bread with Mozzarella and tomatoes or a glass of fresh mixed fruit Smoothie, milk or coffee, will probably not gain weight.

Nevertheless, it is, of course, on what you eat in the morning: “Breakfast with sweet cereals, white jam, bread or Yeast dough makes the blood sugar rise quickly, stimulate Insulin and thus the blood sugar drops then fix the person is hungry again. This is counterproductive,” says the nutrition expert.

Too much sugar!: These ten Snacks you should never eat for Breakfast Fullscreen

pancakes with maple syrup? No! Maple syrup is pure sugar. If pancakes, then with a bit of natural yogurt to eat.

© What is – from a nutritional point of view – eat

Overnight oats might be the overnight soaked oatmeal that you can spice up with fruit and various spices. The are rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates to ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety and promote digestion.

another recommendation for Breakfast dishes with eggs, which are full of proteins. One eats even vegetables, you have a full-fledged Breakfast. Also Smoothies with berries, or Porridge made of Quinoa or oatmeal are popular with the nutritionists.

tip: for those Who had in the evening a large meal, the pieces must not necessarily much, and balanced in the morning. Sometimes it is enough also to take some fruit or a milk coffee. Nutrition experts have repeatedly pointed out, to listen to his body.

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