Who goes to eat Sushi, get rolls with vinegared rice wrapped by the typical seaweed sheet. In the Interior of either raw fish, such as tuna or salmon, or vegetables such as Avocado and cucumber, tofu variants, or Egg. There are a myriad of Sushi variations, and they differ depending on the type and recipe.

To do this, you eat the ginger, and the obligatory Wasabi. But what Wasabi actually is? The green Paste is Japanese horseradish that comes in Japanese cuisine as a sharp spice often used. Often is the keyword here. Whether it’s Sushi from the delivery service, in the Restaurant or at the Quick-Snack: Wasabi seems to be in rough quantities, but appearances can be deceiving. The green Paste is as good as never Wasabi – at least in this country.

then you Would have known? The only way to eat Sushi properly, From Denise Snieguole Wachter

This is mainly connected with the poor availability and the high price of real Wasabi. The whole Plant cost in Europe is about 200 euros per kilogram. Much too much for the gastronomy and the food industry. So what do you do? Trick. With the so-called Wasabi-a surrogate of mustard or (even cheaper) with a horseradish-mustard mixture, some with Chlorophyll, Spirulina, or a combination of the additives tartrazine (E 102) and brilliant blue FCF (E 133) is colored. The Wasabi-a surrogate is used since 1939 and has always been – for reasons of cost – widespread.

No Wasabi in the Wasabi “My Japanese cuisine” Umami-bomb! For this Japanese Miso Spaghetti you need only three ingredients

the consumer organization warned already before, that you can be deceived when Wasabi quickly. According to the menu, and also information of the restaurant you ordered Wasabi, but instead, a “mixture of green coloured horseradish powder, mustard powder and starch compounds as a filler”. The consumer advocates acknowledge that restaurateurs cheating, because the wasabi root is very expensive.

but There is a way to detect whether it is real Wasabi or a forgery. The real Wasabi is grated and is made up of small pieces. It has a slightly sweet taste to its sharpness. Horseradish is very sharp and has a creamy consistency. It is not in the Restaurant real Wasabi, then should be in the menu of the addition of the “dye”, because the “wrong” Wasabi is a pungent green. The real, however, pale green.


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