The Chapter make the reader curious: “wonder bags for the Curious”, “Germany under the earth” or “where nothing is going on”, so the Headlines are in the new release “the Lonely Planets 500 unique experiences in Germany”.

In the entertainingly written book, which is divided into 50 sections with each of the ten experiences, inspiring tips for a weekend trip. The texts and photos will make you want to discoveries, some of which are directly in front of the door.

So there are in Reutlingen, the narrowest street in the world, located in Leipzig, a tropical forest that seems to come out of a time machine is growing, and in Görlitz, a purchase does house as if it was a Grand Hotel. All of this is Germany – and, of course, much more: the Ulmer Münster, the Museum island in Berlin, the Augsburger puppenkiste, the Wacken Open Air, the castle of Heidelberg. World-famous, but also little-Known, a lot of Weird, Funny, Adventurous and Exclusive.

“Lonely Planets 500 unique experiences in Germany” provides lots of entertaining information about places, events and adventure between the Ruhr area and Saxony Switzerland, the Alps and the German coast. To Marvel, browse and Smile. Or relive not want to experience long time at a concert in 500 meters depth in the Merkers adventure mine, dance the night away or watch the sunset on the Zugspitze?

On the following pages in the photo section, we present ten little miracle.


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