of The 1. June 1891 was a memorable day for Germany’s working class. The industrial Revolution had by new production, a new society forms class, the wage workers. They worked many hours in factories or underground. But on this June day protection laws occurred in Prussia. Children under the age of 13 were not allowed to work in factories, young people under 16 years of age, at least not for longer than ten hours, and women a maximum of eleven hours. The mag today, still according to modern slavery – but at the time of this step was a Revolution.

workers should be protected at that time from accidents and exploitation. Although jobs today are safe, accidents are the exception. But work can make it today, still sick – and even lead to death. The University of Stanford conducted a large study on the subject. And came to the result: Stress in the workplace leads in the United States, directly or indirectly, to cases annually to 120,000 deaths. For the health insurance of the country is not a good development. You pay per year, around 190 billion dollars for the consequences of Stress in the workplace.

Stress is a more collective term. The University wanted to know exactly what topics and factors Stress promote in the Job. For this, the researchers reviewed 228 studies. In the end, you could designate each of ten factors for physical and mental causes.

Stress, Overwork, death of a you work more than 39 hours per week? Then the Job can be signaled to be fatal

Overtime, Stress – and a Smartphone, the durable accessibility: We toil ‘ til you drop. The 39-hour week seems to be a relic of bygone days. A dangerous development, because this method can shorten the life.

If the Job makes you sick

there is a factor of great influence on the physical health of Americans has not, in Germany: The lack of health insurance. In the USA, Many have to pay their own medical bills. Those who can’t, usually goes not to the doctor – although there is a disease. By the health insurance system in Germany, this factor is not here applicable. The rest of the factors. The physical reasons are ranked on place 2 in the sense of injustice in the workplace. And also on the psychological level, this factor is 4. Also physically ill shift work, pressure to perform, unemployment, job insecurity and Overtime. On the Psyche of the poor compatibility of profession and family proposes, in particular, behind it, similar reasons as in the case of physical illness.

Job-Knigge, These 10 behavior of their career are in the way of injustice and Overtime

In the case of physical diseases, the researchers strokes, heart attacks, increased accidents include danger through a lack of concentration. But the flu, diseases which can occur due to a weakened immune system. In the case of physical diseases, anxiety disorders, Depression or Burn-out possible consequential damage.

According to the Stanford scientists, especially the following six factors for deaths are the responsibility of:

feeling to have no control over their own Work, unemployment, Smoking, no health insurance, overtime, poor compatibility of profession and family passively

criticize it in many enterprises for the Welfare of the employees, but only to control costs. “We are talking about people and the quality of your life. For me, that should get some attention,” explains one of the researchers.



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