A landlord who takes care of the needs of its tenants, unfortunately, is not a matter of course. Some can annoying us, like to grind or penalties to their tenants with contempt. Also in the case of large apartment companies in the Service, according to a study a lot to be desired.

As the German Institute for Service quality reported to go to, of all things, the big professional landlords shockingly careless with requests from tenants. It was investigated the service quality of the main national stock exchange-listed residential real estate companies, as well as of the largest landlords in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. These are:

ABGAdler Real estate degewo Deutsche WohnenGAGGEWOFAGGrand City PropertyLEGSagaTAGVonovia real estate purchase Hardly any money, fake Jobs, and no Plan – doomed as a Generation to the rent is Mails and calls are ignored

For the investigation presented to the Tester 110 requests via e-Mail, as well as 110 telephone enquiries to the landlord. It was about tenant issues to domestic animals, and operating costs of drying Laundry, guarantees or sublease. The depressing conclusion: “When you contact the apartment company asked the patience. If a contact came to pass, had to be interested, with some long waiting times and incomplete information.”

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So five of the eleven companies (Vonovia, Deutsche Wohnen, GEWOFAG, LEG, Grand City Property) answered not even the half of the verse does not sent Emails, four companies (Deutsche Wohnen, ABG, eagle Real Estate, GEWOFAG) received once every second call. In the cut the caller over a Minute spent in the queue. Who’s got an answer, however, was often not smarter. “Not only on the phone, but also Email questions have not been answered often completely as well as little individual”, – stated in the study. In total, the interview partners had been “too superficial in their designs”.

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A Tester reported that he had not felt of the called employees of the company DAY at all taken seriously. “He didn’t listen to me active and laughing in the Background with other people. My questions were not answered.” Overall, callers were given in seven out of ten cases, the absence of a satisfactory response, with emails 90 percent were incomplete or not as required. In addition, every third Mail contained spelling or grammar errors.

a few glimmers of light

Nevertheless, Some positive results were also. The municipal Hamburg’s housing company Saga in the cut only took half an hour to respond to Email requests. When telephone Service is cut Grand City Property on the best. Also the staff at Degewo responded to e-Mails “the most consistent and, on average, already after a good five hours”. Calls were received at Degewo always within 20 seconds.

Better than the individual information, the Tester assessed also the treatment of General information on the Websites of the companies. After all, here is a behind-the Pro-landlord gave a professional impression.

Here’s the short version of the study


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