Borussia Coach Lucien Favre of mind after the Derby Disaster against Schalke, the world and criticized the decision to hand penalty by the assistant referee Felix Zwayer sharp. From a very short distance, the Ball flew to the Hand of Borussia defender Julian Weigel. The following penalty Daniel Caligiuri converted to the 1:1 compensation. “It is very hard to digest. I have never experienced. This is so ridiculous. Have invented, this is a scandal,” said the Swiss in the ARD on the scene, the in the 18. Minute to equalize through Daniel Caligiuri.

And further: “football is peu à peu so ridiculous, it has nothing to do with football”, echauffierte be Favre, and said, in the case of Sky from “the biggest scandal in football for years” and asked whether the players should “cut off the hands”. In the second half and twice pulled out Zwayer Red and threw Marco Reus and Marius Wolf from the square. These decisions, however, were less controversial. Both foulten with open sole of the back. In the end Dortmund lost in their own stadium with 2:4.

Favre holds title fight opted for

Also the title fight Favre holds for decided. “Yeah, sure,” replied the Trainer of second-placed Borussia Dortmund on Saturday in the TV-transmitter Sky. With a victory in the 1. FC Nürnberg could expand the table leaders Bayern Munich on Sunday ahead of the curve in three outstanding Games to four points.

Also on Twitter Dortmund supporters and neutral Fans have an opinion on the VAR. It approximately corresponds to Favre’s opinion:

The says Zwayer to the decision:

“The Arm (of Weigl, author’s note. d. Red.) was stretched out at shoulder height, and thus he has blocked the Ball. Since the decision was for me relatively easy. It is according to the current interpretation of a penalty. Errors happen to us referees. But in the case it is very clear according to the pictures on the television. The Arm is abducted irritates, the design says clearly that it is the unnatural increase of the body surface, and thus a criminal hand.”



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