He is a master of his craft: the photographer, Jonathan Jimenez, alias Jonk. With his shots of abandoned places he has photographed in this fashion niche of Lost Places photography in the world.

Because his shots are different from the many publications with photos of places of decay. Jonk has placed its focus clearly on objects that are not just only themselves, but especially to those that have already been taken back by nature in hardware.

In his book, “Naturalia – reclaimed by Nature”, which is published by Carpet Bombing Culture, he presents the expiration end stations with old trains, military remains on abandoned military training areas, car graveyards, churches, and self-supplied industrial systems in which, for decades, nothing more is produced.

In the wreck of the “Costa Concordia” interiors of a nightmare By Till Bartels

All of his photos in the widescreen format that they are in a decay stage, has developed its own aesthetic appeal: The buildings and objects are already came this far down and climbing plants, shrubs and trees overgrown, that you just recognize yet.

Jonks photographs encourage the viewer when you scroll in the opulent work of “Naturalia” to the Fanta to authenticate themselves: anyone Who has lived here in the past? What people have worked here? Not when, but why leave the place suddenly? Was it a misfortune?

We do not know. Jonk told no stories with words. To the contrary: The entire book not only comes without a single caption, but not the numbers on the page. From a consideration of the nature conquered places no geographical coordinates.

for More photos of Jonk, you can find on his Instagram Account.

+++ Click track through the photo: the wreck of the Costa Concordia – inside view of a nightmare+++


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