For this photo, it takes more than courage: the Kjeragbolten in Norway

©Patnaree Asavacharanitich/ Shutterstock.com

A hike to and on the Kjerag is not for everyone. The rocky plateau in the Norwegian municipality of Forsand attracts yet a lot of adrenaline Junkies. The aim of the daring hikers, the Kjeragbolten, a five cubic-metre Monolith, the walls pinched between two rocks in a nearly 1,000-Meter towers.

A photo has its price.

The boulders is a popular photo motif, and it is not rare of Selfie-Enthusiasts boarded. This is not only reckless, but also dangerous. Finally, vacationers can slip on the round surface and in the depth of plunge. Who does not want to take the step for the photo-op, better enjoy the wonderful views of the Lyseford, which compensates for the 2.5-hour-long drudgery completely.

Especially spectacular is the view from Preikestolen (dt. “Sermon chair”), a rocky platform that extends like a tongue over the abyss. 600-Meter depth. If you suffer from vertigo, has therefore also bad cards. Nevertheless, beautiful holiday, not even here, shoot photos, maybe less spectacular, but you risk but also the head and collar.



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