you seem lost in thought and almost as if they were waiting for the next U-Bahn – but the mosaics in the newly renovated train station 23rd Street in New York show no commuters or residents, but dogs, by the artist William Wegman.

The Weimaraner in front of colorful background, the Wegman shows partly in jacket, shirt, or rain hat, bring color into the otherwise rather dreary subway system in the metropolis.

“I wanted to create portraits of individual characters, people could see you next to on the platform. I have dressed the dogs in a more or less ordinary Clothes, nothing too Fashionable,” said Wegman to the project.

William Wegman and his dogs Fullscreen

The U-Bahn-Station 23rn Street in New York

©Johannes Schmitt-Tegge Picture Alliance / DPA

A mosaic-maker from Munich, turned the photos of his dogs, Flo and Topper in the mosaics. Wegman lives not far from the train station. Weimaraners are relatively large and usually have gray fur.

The Massachusetts-born artist photographed his dogs since the 70s. His first Weimaraner he named Man Ray, after the US artist who has influenced the Dada movement and surrealism. Also his second dog, Fay Ray, whose puppies portraits of Wegman. With her serious, impassive facial expression, the dogs look in clothes, with wigs or in addition to everyday objects, human and often funny.

sve / DPA


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