Throw the baby in Moscow told about the motives of the act

Podkinuvshy baby to the capital metro station “Park Pobedy” the woman told about the reasons for its action.

In Dorogomilovsky court the woman listened and was sent to jail for two months. She is accused of committing a crime under article “Leaving in danger”. The defense asked for a mild sentence, referring to a severe psychoemotional condition of the woman.

“In November, she gave birth to a child. Funds for the maintenance it had. She went to work in a fish shop. She said – today we need you and paid a thousand rubles. The remaining four or five days she went home with a hungry baby milk she was not” – said Alexander Timoshenko.

the Lawyer explained that even before the birth of the child she had problems with work, and then depression. The human rights activist added that the defendant in the most part do not understand what to do.

“Being in such a difficult situation she decided to return the child to the state. She went to the maternity hospital where you gave birth, and asked to take the baby from her. It kicked out,” – added Tymoshenko.

Abandoned baby at subway mother told about the motives of the act

With the announcement of a measure of restraint the judge’s words dubbed translator – the suspect does not speak in Russian. The article, which is going to judge the woman, referred to as strict – and even if all the arguments of the defense will take into account, the accused faces a minimum of three years in prison.

the Incident occurred on 12 February. Passers-by found the child in the snow, he was 2-3 months. The baby was immediately taken to the hospital. Subsequently initiated a search of his relatives.

In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated. The child’s mother was detained February 13. 29-year-old coming admitted that the act has solved from-for difficult financial position.

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