Twitch Streamer Tyler Blevins, for his Fans only as “Ninja”, earned in 2018, almost ten million dollars. “That was the best year of my life,” said the 27-Year-old, now at CNN. Probably it was also the year with the most sleepless nights, because Ninja, the meticulous statistics, about his Job as a professional Gamer, spent alone, 4,000 hours with the video game Hit, “Fortnite”. More than 50,000 Followers admire on a daily basis via Online Stream to his Gambling skills. In the United States Blevins – brand is referred to as: bright colorful dyed hair-even as a cultural phenomenon.

More than 20 million Fans of E-Sports-Stars

About 70 percent of its annual income Ninja won according to its own information about the professional marketing of his Twitch and Youtube Streaming. More than 20 million Fans have subscribed to his Youtube channel, on the Live-Streaming platform Twitch, there are still twelve million. And Blevins with earned for each individual User, look at his games. Almost all of the Ninja Videos have several million Views. This includes sponsors such as Samsung, a User Eats and the Red Bull E-Sports, have been working together since June of 2017, with the multi-millionaire, and his wife and Manager Jessica Goch.

if you think, Ninja, would rest on his success, is mistaken. Especially with Twitch, he has a Large. “I think that there is still a lot more is possible,” says Blevins. Currently, the platform is a kind of violin case of a street artist, in every throw as much as he wants to, declares Ninja, the CNN Moderator. Accordingly, the User may decide whether or not you have to pay 4.99, 9.99, or for $ 25 a month for the Ninja Action.

a businessman in a Coffee Shop

at The conclusion of a week of televised Interviews, the Moderator and a topic that is also discussed in Germany is currently hot. “Are you athletes?”, he wants to know from Blevins. He may see himself more as a business man, plays in a small Café, video games, replies Ninja evasive. “You always have to be there, otherwise you are looking for (the Fans, Anm. d. Red.) another Café.” To prevent this, the Ninja will probably spend this year, every day, twelve hours in his “cafe” in Detroit. The should also look at the Software company Epic Games “Fortnite” 2017 published earned and according to CNN information in the past year, a whopping three billion dollars.



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