A group needs to ensure the safety of its employees, this statement would probably agree with most of the people. But how far can you go? What allowed Facebook’s security service, is likely the case for most people too far. The group has a list of “dangerous persons” and monitored through its App, where the goings-on around.

The have confirmed several former employees to “CNBC”. Accordingly, Facebook does collect information such as photos, profile data and the current location of persons from whom according to the assessment of the safety team a risk. This list is referred to as a “BOLO,” “Be on Lookout” (Watch out!).

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opinion of the Federal cartel office, Facebook needs to get naked By Florian Güßgen So easy to get on the list

Who is even on the list, calls when Entering a Facebook-premises security to the Plan, will be occasionally monitored and, in part, to local authorities, the report said. Pictures of people were shown constantly on a special screen. Facebook no longer was available on request but, to operate these. A visitor to the company headquarters should be the equal of several of the security people afflicted, when he wanted to pick up a friend for dinner.

On the list he had come because he had written to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s private messages. The exact content is not known. In General, it seems to be frighteningly easy to be on Facebook-danger explains. According to the report, some of the people had showed up, indeed on several occasions at the company and would have made Trouble, sometimes Posts like “Fuck Facebook” or “Fuck Mark, but” to be as a threat to be counted. Also Ex-employee probably end up relatively well-versed on the list. This leads, then, according to the report, to whimsical scenes, if they apply again.

social network of anger on the head of Apple? Mark Zuckerberg prohibits Facebook managers the iPhone By Malte Mansholt Extensive Monitoring

“Our physical security team is in place to protect Facebook’s employees,” said the group in respect of the “CNBC” approach. “Using measures that conform to the Standard of our industry to recognize hazards and address, and report it when necessary to the authorities.” The privacy don’t want to hurt Facebook. “We have strict processes, which preserve the privacy and the current laws and the Facebook terms of use.” Allegations that the security went people too far, back to the group.

A special feature of the safety issue is for sure that Facebook has unlike other companies, via its App access to a whole range of personal data of the persons on the list. So you can focus on your Smartphone and the location requests, explains an employee. That would do the group well.

How far this can go was shown in the case of a trainee group, the the article describes. Had not logged in accordingly, as agreed in the Home Office to work. Because you are worried about your safety, have staff located their Smartphones. Because that was not a success, were also the Facebook Chats evaluated, with the result that they had agreed to the tails.

source: CNBC

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