To whom Hitler gave authority to his will

History 21/03/20 Whom Hitler gave authority to his will

For the post of Reich President on the eve of the collapse of the Third Reich of Hitler’s entourage turned violent backstage fight. The führer has chosen the commander of the Navy Karl Doenitz, because the most obvious candidate Herman Goering at the last moment came Hitler from the trust.

What is not pleased Goering and Himmler

the Reich Marshall Herman Goering was de jure a chance to become Hitler’s successor, he knew that, and sincerely hoped for a speedy decision of a question by the führer. In April 1945, when all was already clear that the collapse of Nazi Germany – is not even a matter of months and of days, Goering was in Obersalzburg where sent in the Reich Chancellery bunker where Hitler was hiding, telegram. In it, he expressed extreme impatience over the protracted “devolution”. This telegram Goering, in fact, put Hitler condition: if, before a certain day he will get from the Fuhrer is the answer, you will be entitled to consider themselves his successor.

Hitler like ultimate tone infuriated me. And it wasn’t the only reason not to consider the candidacy of Goering as a potential leader of the state: the Fuhrer found out that his once closest ally is playing a double game, attempting to establish contacts with Western countries at the conclusion of the armistice. Nothing but an open betrayal of this behavior in the eyes of Hitler could not be.

For the same reason, withdrew from the race on the way to the seat of the successor of Hitler and the Minister of internal Affairs of the Third Reich Heinrich Himmler – they wove lace intrigue with allies of the USSR on a couple of Goering. The Fuhrer both mentioned in his political Testament bad word, dismissed göring and Himmler from all their posts, and strictly forbidden to give the traitors and traitors to leadership positions.

the Last will of the Fuhrer

In the political Testament of Adolf Hitler was clearly painted post new Cabinet: the commander of the Navy of the Third Reich, Karl Doenitz was given the post of Reich President, Minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels Reich Chancellor. It is noteworthy that Hitler himself during his life he combined both positions. The remaining positions went to Bormann, SAS-Inquart, Leia and other Nazi “bigwigs”.

in this Sense written on April 29, 1945 will not have any – just a few days of the Third Reich capitulated. The need for a new government from the agonizing Nazi Germany is simply absent, which he could not fail to understand the virtual Nazi members of the Cabinet – the same Goebbels killed himself, taking the light all the numerous family, already on may 1.

Lucky Doenitz

Of all the leaders of the Third Reich, whose names on hearing, the new Reich President Karl Doenitz, perhaps, the luckiest. Wasn’t he executed after the Nuremberg trials, Lucifer stayed in West Berlin Spandau prison meted out to him by the Tribunal for 10 years, went out and silently lived on a military pension to 89 years, writing his memoirs (published three books).


as a bequest of Hitler’s Reich President and commander of the troops of the Reich, Doenitz may 2, 1945 in his “Proclamation to the German people” informed the nation about the death of Adolf Hitler, reported that suicide is now the will of the Fuhrer he is, Karl Doenitz, head of the state and the armed forces. Formally Doenitz “reigned” only five days, since may 7, he was at Reims before the representatives of the USSR and the allies signed the Act of capitulation of Germany (the next day this procedure at the insistence of the Soviet Union were duplicated in Karlshorst field Marshal Keitel).

two weeks later, the Americans arrested the last government of Nazi Germany led by Doenitz, who was taken to Nuremberg.

… Experienced Doenitz of those convicted at the Nuremberg trials only “disappointment of Hitler,” Rudolf Hess (life sentence; according to the official version, died in 1987 at 93 years after a suicide attempt in prison) and the personal architect of Hitler, albert Speer. Speer measured out a 20-year prison term, which he and Doenitz did in Spandau “from start to finish.” Seventy-six years old Nazi war criminal died from a hemorrhage in the brain during a meeting with his mistress.

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