other countries, Other customs and other laws. For foreigners, the legal situation in countries that can quickly become a stumbling block, especially when one is in a completely different culture than their own. Sometimes tourists landing from Stupid or drunk (or both) behind bars, sometimes just out of ignorance.

Chris Dodd, a 29-year-old Englishman, had to make this bitter experience in Thailand. In the context of his Backpacker trip through South-East Asia, visited Dodd also as a holiday destination, popular Kingdom. He actually wanted to stay only for a short. In the end, there were 48 days – twelve in prison.

Thailand: English for theft

His crime: theft. At least, he was accused by the Thai authorities. Dodd had found at the airport, a cell phone and taken as such, because he wanted to make after checking in to the Hostel in a lost and found office. What he did not know: According to the laws in the country, it is not allowed to carry something that does not belong to any, from one place to the other – self is theft.

Dodd was arrested by the police and detained in the prison were cut off even his Dreadlocks. “Nobody spoke English, it was really intimidating. You have to fight for a place to sleep on the floor”, he described to the BBC his prison time. After twelve days he came back. Donors were collected with a Crowdfunding campaign, which required a 20,000-pound Deposit for him. Nevertheless, he was not allowed to leave the country because his passport had been withheld.

return after seven weeks

after seven weeks of Dodd was able to return to England. In the event of a conviction would have threatened him to five years in prison. To the house of his father him happy. “It is a huge relief,” he told the Daily Mail. The family had invested large parts of the savings in the cost for lawyers and bail, and was particularly grateful for the donations, the Dodd benefited: “Without which I would probably have to sell our house,” said the father.

sources: BBC / Daily Mail



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