Axel Kicillof, the peronist who seduces Fernandez drives a turnaround in the economic policy argentina

Donald Trump broke the ice with Argentina. This Friday afternoon, the president of the united States took the phone and called Alberto Fernandez, the peronist who five days ago won the first round to Mauricio Macri and became president-elect. “Congratulations for the great victory. We saw on tv (…) I have instructed the IMF to work with you,” said Trump on the other side of the line, according to a transcript distributed by the team of Alberto Fernández. That Trump has referred to the IMF will bring relief to the new argentine president. The support of Trump was key for the Monetary Fund would give the past year a financial rescue of 57,000 million dollars to Macri, a debt whose payment will have to renegotiate the Government to assume the 10 of December.

The tone of the relationship between Trump and Fernandez was until now pure speculation. The u.s. has always been considered a personal friend of Mauricio Macri, with whom he had done real estate business in his youth. Macri corresponded to the expectations of the White House with a foreign policy in line with the guidelines from Washington on issues such as the condemnation to the regime of Venezuela, the fight against drug trafficking and open trade. The new peronist Government will give a turn to such guidelines, especially with regard to Venezuela. Promote in addition a new scheme of regional integration that will serve as a counterweight to the united States.

Trump, for the moment, opted for a enthusiastic support to Fernandez. “Are you going to do a fantastic job. I hope to be able to know it immediately. His victory has been commented out in all the world,” he said by phone. Fernandez then heard the promise that the IMF already has the mandate from the White House to work with Argentina, the data is political, more relevant dialogue on the telephone.

The negotiations with the IMF marked the agenda of the next argentine Government. Macri had admitted after his defeat in the primary of August and before losing the general election that the debt owed to the IMF was paid in the agreed time. At the end of August called on the IMF to negotiate new deadlines, but the agency preferred to wait for the outcome of the general elections and to know the plans of the new Executive. The support promised by Trump will be essential if Argentina aims to break the mistrust of the members of the hard directory, you would prefer not to have anything to do with a peronist Government.

Fernandez answered the call of Trump from its offices in the neighborhood of San Telmo, in Buenos Aires, turned up the 10 of December in the center of the transition of Government. The argentine asked him to “do things together” and we anticipated that his intention is to maintain with the united States “a mature and cordial” around “many common themes in the framework of a complex situation in which Argentina needs help.”

it Has been a good start for Fernandez, but now depends on the policy that a good harmony is maintained in the time. Fernandez will fly this Friday night to Mexico and on Monday will hold an informal meeting with president Lopez Obrador. The next argentine Government is seeking to add Mexico to a new regional hub “progressive,” which, he imagines, will be the natural alternative to what he considers a crisis of the liberal policies that, today, dominate the region.


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